Reebok Speed TR 2.0 Review

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Matheus Dacruz says:

Should I get Speed tr 2.0 or nano 7 weave ?

Quý Nguyễn says:

Thank you for your review. Really really helpful. Would you please advise if I can use the Reebook CrossFit Speed TR 2.0 for running with treadmill for less than 10km?

Brandon Randolph says:

Rogue has Metcon 3s at about $100 on sale right now. So with both prices the same what would you recommend: Speed TR 2.0s or the Metcon 3s?

D4Doom says:

Are these better than the metcon 3s?

aligboyakasha says:

I’m confused. You say these are the best shoes but are the nano 6s still your favorite?

Ramon Suarez says:

Still wearing my Speed TR 1.0’s. Great overall shoe. It’s interesting that the original Nano 7.0’s are already selling for steep discounts, between $70-80 dollars on Amazon. I’ve never seen current Nano’s drop so low. In real world price, I think the Nano’s and Speeds will be selling for about the same price until Reebok improves on the Nano.

JoeyMc1888 says:

Hey Joel, the Speed TR 2.0s or the Crazytrain Boost Elite?

Performance Fitness says:

Very interesting offering! I got my Crazypowers following your advice and they’re awesome. I’ll be uploading a workout wearing them this weekend. Thanks man!

feifonglong says:

This or the strike mvmnt chill pill transits/nobulls? They seem to fill the same niche

Dustin Trainer says:

Love the look of these shoes but they are still too narrow for me 🙁

Martin Murin says:

Hello again. I can get speed tr 1.0 for 50€ and speed tr 2.0 for 88€. Should I buy the older version or should I spend more money on 2.0?

Darwin Chandra says:

nice review as always man, informative and fun to watch too.

Gerhard Basson says:

Awesome review thanks. I’m used to doing wods in running shoes, asics with a 10mm drop. I’m looking to get my first dedicated crossfit shoe. Would you recommend the speeds TR 2 or the dsx reppers? Thanks in advance from South Africa!

Daniel Mcdonald says:

Can you use this for running

sloppasaur says:

Do you prefer the Crazytrains or the Speed TR 2.0 more?

Gurgui 88 says:

I’m not sure if to get Speed TR 2 or Metcon 3? What would you recommend? This would be a shoe for the WODs and Metcon’s as most of my olimpic lifting i do in me lifters. Thanks

Jake Mangan says:

Since these shoes are the best that reebok has to offer. Can you talk about how the Speed TR 2.0 stacks up against the Nike Metcon 3s?

francis nava says:

should i half size up?

Joshua Caira says:

Awesome review. I’m definitely going to get these. I wear a USA size 10.5 nano weave however it is very snug width wise and could not get any tighter before it became a issue. What size would you recommend for the speed tr 2.0?

MingusTale says:

I’ve only been going to the gym for a month, so my lifts are very light rn, and I want to start running a bit for more cardio (slightly longer runs, not sprints but not anything marathon-like either – a couple miles), but my main workout is stregnth rn. I can get the Nike Metcon DSX Repper for £50 or these Reeboks for £69. How do they compare? Is there any great difference that would make me want to spend the £19 extra on the reeboks? I could also get the New Balance minimus 40 for only £32 but they look a little ugly to me.

Torey Arlotti says:

I’m in the market for a dedicated HIIT workout shoe. I just got the Nano 7.0 which I believe will be great for weightlifting and weightlifting only. I’ve watched your video on the JJ2’s and this video on the Speed TR 2.0 and can’t decide between the two. Do you lean a certain way on either one with HIIT workouts in mind? I would also wear the shoe occasionally out and about. Or if you have any other recommendations I’m all ears. The reviews are awesome BTW, very well explained.

nerzo4878 says:

what shoe size did you get ? am 43 and 9.5 US which is big problem in Reebok cause for Reebok 9.5us is 42.5 and 43 is 10us

John Awad says:

Another great video mate. Do you know if reebok is planning to rerelease the nano 6?

jtcber says:

How would you compare this shoe to the Adidas men CrazyTrain Boost Elite? Which would you choose if you can only get a pair to do it all (exercise and casual wear)? You mention in your other review that the adidas is quite heavy. What about comfort wise?

RRP says:

TRY THEM ON BEFORE YOU BUY! I wear size 9 in all the Reeboks I have, all Nanos, previous Speed TR1s and other running shoes. I went to a Reebok outlet, put a size 9 on and it was way too big. A size 8.5 was a much better fit. I even went ahead and tried the Nano 7 Weave to compare the fit, size 9 still fit perfect for me. So go try them out before buying online or customizing your own to save you any hassle!

Ian McNabb says:

was very excited after seeing your previous Nano 7 weave review that I got the red ones almost as soon as they dropped on Reebok’s site … but thought the matching red shoelaces made them look a bit like clown shoes, so I switched them out with the black ones from my blue Nano 6’s, look much better, and the red laces look much better on the blue Nanos … got them in size 11 and they’re a bit snug but I bet they’ll loosen up … wore them for a couple crossfit WODs and they felt excellent

hecg83 says:

If I used 11 size on the speed 1.0 I should stay with the same size for the 2.0 correct??? I’m usually 11.5. But 1.0 on 11.5 fit bigger so I went with 11 and the fit was perfect

Michael Pietrzak says:

Great review! Do you know if Reebok killed the Workout TR models? My wife really loves that shoe as her foot is SUPER narrow.

Brandon Myers says:

Would you recommend these over the No Bull Trainers?

Anthony Blando says:

Great review. Not sure if you trail run but do you think that they would do Ok on trails? Also would you say that they are better they metcon 3? Thanks… Also you are San Diego Right?

Hokyu Kim says:

Great review! How about vs. the Metcon DSX Reppers?

Ben Martinez says:

Thanks for this review man I trust ur opinion will be ordering them today and can’t wait to get them… I have the original trs and love them

Gerardo Urbina says:

Hi, I’m not sure if to get Speed TR 2 or Nano 7.0 What would you recommend?


As good as the metcon 3 for lifting?

Garrett Drissel says:

Do you know if Reebok is planning on releasing them for women? My girlfriend is very interested in these but they only have them in men’s!?

Joe 00 says:

hey man, i tried some nano 6 on and my left foot arch was pretty uncomfortable. would these suit me better? if i’m 10.5 in nano 6 and 10 in metcon 3 should i go 10 in these?thanks bro.or should i go the 195 v2 ?

Jesper Kjeldsen says:

Hi there
Would you recommend this shoe for a training week Consisting of 2x crossfit, 1x regular fitness and 1x floorball ? Or would you recommend an alternative

jayo84 says:

Been waiting for this one!! Still using my Speed TR 1.0 every workout!

Carlos Mercado says:

Tengo unos nano 6.0 y me gustaría comprar otros. ¿cual me recomendarías otros nano 6.0 o unos speed tr 2.0?

drzsL says:

Hey man just want to say you sold me on the shoe, great review

xps2020 says:

nice review, thanks for the info on sizing.

hecg83 says:

Would you recommend this for insanity max 30 and p90x workouts??? Lateral support is need it. Thanks in advance.

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