Reebok Zoku Runner Ultraknit Multicolor Review and On Feet

This sneaker pick up was from a low-key brand that not a lot of people will think of immediately when buying shoes. Because summer is coming, footwear companies often start to push out flashy and bright colours for the season. One of these colour is Multicolour. The brand I have here for an in-depth look is from Reebok on a shoe model that was only launched a month ago with their newest upper technology. This is the Reebok Zoku Runner Multicolour that I have here for a review.

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Abe says:

I mean Adidas own Reebock so it’ll be pretty much the same

Nick Trella says:

jeez that spillage

Priscilla Carrillo says:

First and foremost let me just say I appreciate and love your reviews as they are thorough and extensively in depth with all the specs one wants to know. With that said, these sneakers have caught my attention before but wasn’t sure about them, but now, I will definitely cop a pair. Looking forward to your next sneaker review.

Life of Alex says:


PhoenixLife says:

So glad you did a review on these man, cheap and comfy = must try for me

Y2K says:

appreciate the in-depth look man


poor man’s kith ultraboost

Erick Caballero says:


Eddie Win says:

Great review, just subscribed!

Marc Bucovy says:

good diversity in brands for the channel. i like it.

itseman2 says:

When u can’t afford KITH Ultraboosts but u like the knit

Uchiha Sasuke says:

damn they sold out quick af wtf

Slade Healy says:

the transluscent ‘cage’ ruins it. if that was also white leather it would have been incredible. doesnt help that it looks like its too narrow for me 🙁 otherwise I would cop

rafi smitas says:

good job with review

Arnaud Lambillotte says:

theyre fire

FongNoodle says:

Eww… Reebok
I’m a boost head now aren’t I?

tony says:

I guess reebok is hopping on to the knit technology sock shoe trend

NathanMayonnaise says:

He sounds so down

Ricky Adhiputra says:

this shoe is extreamly comfort.. i got a pair of freebandz..

Darrel Reign says:

Another excellent review man, sad to hear about the spillage though. I have wide feet as well and it’s kinda putting me off the way it looks. 🙁

Dhanish Brr says:

Are you going to review the silver bullet?

Steve Sea says:

Are you actually gonna keep these bro? Save up those dollars for triple white yeezys

VinCent says:

appreciate the review, i saw the black colourway of this shoe at a discount earlier but passed on it, I should’ve bought it and try since it was less than $90

taurusx1000 says:

the ultraboost looks better

Nick Rhodes says:

If the cage was a solid white i think they would look so much better

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