Reebok ZPump Fusion Review

Reebok has officially unveiled their new revolutionary running sneaker, the Reebok ZPump Fusion. As the name indicates, the kicks feature the beloved Pump, which has be redesigned to make for a truly unique feel for each individual.
As part of Reebok’s new ‘Be More Human’ campaign, they sought out to do exactly that with their new running sneaker. The ZPump Fusion fits like a sock and allows consumers the ability to find the perfect fit by utilizing the Pump technology. Built for running, the ZPump Fusion is simply constructed of three components; the sleeve, the pump, and the outsole.
UFC athletes such as Jon Jones, Conor McGregor, Paige VanZant and Ronda Rousey fully endorse the new running sneaker, but if that’s not enough so does Hannah Davis. Sold?
The Reebok ZPump Fusion will officially on March 10th, for $110 in six different colorways. Since you’ve been packing on the pounds during the Winter, do yourself a favor, pick these up and go for a damn jog.


meowmeow44444 says:

I’m going to pump my fucking brains out.

Joseph Balentine says:


Sandy Scott says:

What a dumb fucking statement, “You can’t go wrong with something endorsed by UFC stars!”  Endorsed?  These people are sponsored by Rebok dipshit!

PIOSystems says:

They look pretty cool might get a pair.

Skibbity Bop says:

“U can pump a little, u can pump a lot or u can pump ur fuckin’ brains out” haha i like that.

Miss Robinson says:

What is the pump for? Like why pump?

Thomas Herzog says:

Im gonna pump my fuckin brains out

Uncle Gumbo says:

“Pump a little, pump a lot, pump your fucking brains out.”

Angelo Mendoza says:

What are some of the shoe stores nation wide are they selling at

MrUbermenchen says:

they re shit i swear

360Athletes says:

lol hopefully these retorts don’t mess the shoe look up its like they an old fart designing their sneakers………

RojekJ says:

pump your fucking brains out. Yes im buying them

Hello Can You Hear Me says:

This isn’t a review, more like just showing them off

dynomitekid100 says:

Does this shoe run small? I read comments on amazon that this sneaker runs small.

Captain Velveeta says:

In theory, great idea, this technology that is actually waaay late coming ….but in reality…this doesn’t quite make the mark
…different people have different feet…some have pronation and some have supination…it’s not really customized if the entire chamber pumps up all at once…my “perfect” customized running shoe would have 4 different chambers with the ability to pump up ONLY the chamber that you need… ….having said that, it’s not a bad price point so, most likely, I’ll give them a try

actionchris540 says:

I too shall pump my fucking brains out.

Steven Lopez says:

There selling them for $85.99 at this site called, Check them out!

itsbren again says:


Chrissy Hoskinds says:

Hmm they don’t look like they are very sturdy , I have a 13 year old son who thinks these are pretty cool , but for $109 a pair I want to know how they would hold up to 13 year old abuse ! This kid can destroy a $50 pair in 2 months :/

Eau Rouge says:

I love to pump my fuckin’ brains out
Great video mate

Laceup128777 bh says:

Does the grip last because my zquick wasted grip like a bitch and i need a good shoe for football training

DoctorFish10 says:

Well reviewed boss … there’s 1:35 I’m not getting back in my life

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