Reebok ZPUMP Fusion Shoe Review / On Foot Look

more info on these z pump shoes:

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Captain Velveeta says:

In theory, great idea, this technology that is actually waaay late coming ….but in reality…this doesn’t quite make the mark …different people have different feet…some have pronation and some have supination…it’s not really customized if the entire chamber pumps up all at once…my “perfect” customized running shoe would have 4 different chambers with the ability to pump up ONLY the chamber that you need… ….having said that, it’s not a bad price point so, most likely, I’ll give them a try

Sandy Scott says:

Gee, didn’t you overdo it a bit running a whole mile prior to doing a review of the shoe?

Abel Moreno says:

i like the way they look its just im not fan of that massive logo 
i wish they would have kept the old logo design instead of that stupid triangle
my ice hockey skates use “the pump” and have the old logo and they look bad ass

Ian Castillo says:


jassi singh says:

k i need new shoes for runnng because now i have pumas and they r great but they have a hole so i need new running shoes, i run 6 times a week so i need a strong, lightweight running shoes that r cheap and i found these shoes for 30$ at finishline so should i buy these

Sacha Traviata says:

Yu are not black ?!

Shoemanati says:

Seen these on your IG dope!!!

Alejandro Sagrero says:

What are thoooosssssse!!!!!!?

The51239 says:

Tbh, I love that design.. the PUMP logo adds a nice vibe.

Ya Boi Trey says:

They hot, but do they got GS sizes?

Elisa Juarez says:

where do you get them

Donnie Williams says:

When I run I usually run about 24 miles none stop from county to county and I really do enjoy my running alot and it it something I grew up doing and I’ve been looking for a pair of running shoes and I think I might try a pair out.

tecknos africa says:

pump system doesn’t last long , this has been known for years

dynomitekid100 says:

Does the zpump run a size smaller? That’s what I read on Amazon reviews.

AxelFoley FromDetroit says:

Can you wear these casually or is it just for running?

SuperBubba360 says:

nice review delz, how is the cushion was on these?

Soulwax * says:


ruimana81 says:

Nothing special

firepaint33 says:

sorry no one cares about where u live or how u feel about it, just want a better look at the show before i buy it online. dumass

RetroInjection says:

Definitely getting these, both for the fact I too am of the few who grew up during that first era of the Pump, and also looks like a damn good running shoe. Good shit

27occy says:

Why can’t any of these reviews tell us about running in them. They are runners.
The colours don’t really matter.

anthony phelps says:

Love these shoes! Definitely buying a pair

TDMfrag Playz says:

why its written made in china

Miguel De La Luz says:

What about wear it with jeans? Do you think it’s gonna be a good combination?

2dthoughts says:

The graphic is horrible but might be ok with something else on them

dapluva1 says:

Man I hate white bottoms on black or dark shoes white gets s dirty too quick

360Athletes says:

about time this company sucks….. hopefully they don’t go back words again lol they did that with the last version from the 90s

Resess says:

idk how people would spend 100+ dollars on a shoe o-O i got a 40 dollar sketchers with memory foam in it and i dont complain also idk whats so important about jordans XD

julio hernandez says:

design is fugly but i like the pump thing 

Gerald Belantes says:

How do these compare to Roshes? Roshes are my go to all around shoe and I use them for running, but I was thinking of getting these. Are they better?

namhar namhar says:

Man I am from Detroit Michigan And in winter, its nasty outside because of snow.

Juan Camargo says:

were do they sell them

KicksStop says:

Checkout my channel. Detailed looks at some very exclusive shoes. New content every week, and everything is for sale on


Trash in my opinion but great vid delz

Angel's RETRO SNKRS says:

They look comfy… what do you think?

surfingjc says:


Jayden Black says:

I just bought these today they are the the comfiest shoes ever

lin farias says:

these are so dope

S John says:

I remember always wearing pumps

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