RICH FRONING SHOE REVIEW: I don’t like them? (Reebok RF 1)

RICH FRONING SHOE REVIEW: I don’t like them? – Reebok RF 1 Shoe
The Last video where Jasmine nearly vommed:


thomas allison says:

It took me a second to understand that he didn’t say “some forty one” LMAO

Frank Reinke says:

Like for Craig’s karate moves

kirsten russell says:

HEY!!! I’m 6’1 and wear a size 13!!!

real faux says:

Homely means something else…….unless you meant what I was thinking.

Stitching Jules says:

Sick content

Phil Marsh says:

Kick flip Fronings , heaven is a half pipe

Laura Lee says:

Wish these were available in women’s sizes!

Dane Carter says:

I tend to agree with your assessment of the shoe and indeed the sole does look funny – could be because it’s an “R” (Fronning) sole? I’ve heard after a while they smell like Durian 🙂

Carrie Carmona says:

What’s Geoff’s review?

Big Will says:

It’s an ugly ugly shoe!

Alan Lotra says:

What song it’s that at 1:00

Gordon Wagner says:

9:20 I wear a size 14, I don’t own shoes that don’t look huge already.

karli wilkinson says:

Please do a Zuu/iron zuu workout with JD!

Iain Robin says:

If your girlfriend has size 14 feet, that’s not your girlfriend that’s a dude

We are The Murphy’s says:

what kind of legging is Jas wearing?

RonnyFit says:

Jas reminds me so much of Mrs. Forman from 70’s Show! Just younger and hotter version

Yaniv Balahani says:

just buy metcons

bwayinlan says:

My favorite thing in this video is when you all of a sudden stop and get mad about the music. That was classic.

George Marquez Terry says:

havent done a review of the watch , thinking of buying one , is that the fenix5 ?

Renske Heerkens says:

I’m pretty drunk but i like the video

Jodie Lovell says:

Nike Metcons all the way. Sorry my man, I know you don’t like them but they’re the best in the game besides NoBull.

Eclipse Futbol Club says:

Craig … you look like DeGea the keeper for Manchester United!

Charles Hale says:

“Looks like a skate shoe” I said the same thing when I first put them on. Reminded me of the old vans. But I actually do like them.

pluttrull1 says:

The sum 41 reference made me snort laugh

CJ Langley says:

How stiff are they compared to the 8’s? Like, if you flex the toe up are they stiff or more flexible?

Brozark187 says:

I’d like to see a review on the no bull runners you picked up awhile back

carlos colon says:

Guess I need to try out this RF shoe; looks good and good info from team Richey

Troy C says:

Most comfortable stable Crossfit shoe I have owned but the look is a bit bulky but I am a big fan . Love the channel !

Mike Grant says:

And that’s confirms – why you shouldn’t do review vlogs maybe!! All a bit vague 🙂

Austin Phelps says:

Does anyone know how to get NOCCO in the US?

Dylan Todd says:

I’m sorry, those shoes are really ugly. i mean reebok has been making ugly crossfit shoes for a while now but i had high hopes for that Froning model. But it’s awful.

Jason Jones says:

You’re afraid to hate them because they’re FRONINGS

Wouter says:

I’m wearing timberlandsneakers for crossfit.,Works Great,

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