Shoes With A Secret Stash Pocket! Reebok Question Mid x Curren$y Jet Life Review!

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Hugo Cisneros says:

Off batt can tell ya dont know sheit bout this jet shit ho. real fan needa make this review sorry to say bud.

UNV 93 says:

On feet video?


“fellow rapper”

BoslyNation says:

The blue suede is the trim of the low rider.

Tony H says:

Im not even that type of guy BUT id rob u for those shoes…nerd.✌

yams every where says:

we’re can I buy um

chris wright says:

It says “you know me mu fuckus”

J Princess says:

Go listen to the music just as good as the shoes your fucking with

oskee305 says:

Mu Fuckas = Mother Fuckers

myles patch says:

If noone knew IPath has been had stash pockets

frankie ulloa says:

Mu Fuckus – mother fuckers

The Collective says:

Little guy butt hurt bc he sitting there talking abt a shoe and a rapper he doesn’t know shit abt. Idiot ass can’t even read muthfuckas and what made u look even more stupid is u don’t know shit abt the details of the shoe or the box. U knowledge ain’t long enough to ever question me abt anything boy. Stop trying to dick ride the culture and y’all abt what u know bc shoes ain’t it.

KiN CAMELL says:

Thank You.

Check out the albums he did with Alchemist (Covert Coup)

Dee Jones says:

Man you dnt deserve them you dnt speak the code foo and its mufuckas like motherfuckers cmon on

Luis Gonzalez says:

These ain’t the first shoes with a stash spot

Dan Ham says:

You are a hater

Christian Solis says:

This guy knows nothing about the shoe and what it stands for smh #jetlife

J. Mozee says:

He’s not a curren$y fan at all, aka a hype. make your money fam

Looney Superb says:

Ashame you don’t even know him

Hugo Cisneros says:

That is because sneaker head(in my job interview voice) you’re a square as negro. Is that proper enough for your dumbass? lol

Ding Chavez says:

what a fucking lame, go do something with your shitty life

Jeffrey Redding says:

Where can I cop those ?

Fuckitol says:

Damn, those are some fugly shoes

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