The Best Shoes for Crossfit – Testing out a new pair of shoes that isn’t the NoBulls, Reebok Nanos or Nike Metcons see the below for my review of all 3 of those shoes:



Greg Keyes says:

Will it let me snatch that 315?!?

Sierra Stoltzfoos says:

Thanks for testing them all around.

Matheus Dacruz says:

Are these available in the U.S?

Emily Jayne Howard says:

Yeah buddy!!!

Alina R. says:

I’m sooooo happy i found them 🙂 after seeing the video i went online to order them but didnt see them on the canadian site, however i went into a reebok store today and they had them in the clearance section 🙂 cannot wait to wod in these tomorrow 🙂 they feel so nice on !!!! Thx for the review

Nathan McFall says:

Need a rope climb test bro

Michael De Koning says:

Nice shoe too bad there crossfit is on it

JBaleFit says:

In this video, Jas is like Zoolander but with jumping!!!

Kristn Chas says:

I don’t think we have those in the US, at least I cannot find them 🙁

Dr Daves Adventures Family CrossFit Neurosurgery says:

hey Craig how about rope climb grip. the 6’s are awesomely grippy with the side panel. Are the Pumps less robust?

Glenn Cottingham says:

I liked, I commented and I am OUT;-)

zakkeryc says:

Y’all are my favorite people. You seem so happy and so nice and it’s genuine. It didn’t feel fake at all, and I never go out of my way to say that. Subbed

Bart Terwint says:

Last year I bought the nano 5 pump I think it was called and after 4 months it was already broken. It was still pumping up but during the training it was getting empty all the time. I won’t buy any shoes with that kind of system anymore although this shoe really looks great.

Vanessa Feliciano says:

aww jas is so cute!

Jud Beasley says:

Where do you get the pumps in Canada? Are they UK only ?

Matthew Berg says:

Fuck Reebok and their anti Trump hypocritical bullshit, once CF drops them in a couple years the brand will die.

Heidi Jorgensen says:

The pump button thingy on those shoes is the only reason why I wouldn’t consider buying them. Other than that they look great.

Lucas Costa says:

You should try the speed TR 2.0 it’s like the lovechild of the nano 2.0 & 6.0, legit the best cf shoe after the 6.0.

Jasyjaz Miller says:

Australia’s wide range of weightlifting shoes available for Men and Women Athletes

james hfp says:

Would be interested to hear your thoughts on training in a vivo barefoot trainer

Andrew Slater says:

I had the Pump 2 and now have the pump 3 best shoes ever, love em. Strangely never seen anyone else in them .

Cipher8721 says:

its sold out everywhere!! =(

Jody Rice says:

I can’t believe you made this video. I have been debating whether to get the pumps for months. Finally ordered them on Friday in white and then you did this review. So glad you rate them and I haven’t wasted my money.

MemoryFoamTv says:

Every once and awhile, as i cruise through your videos, the coronation street theme starts playing in my head when we get to see a clip of your neighborhood…..and I have no idea why

Lachlan Blackwood says:

Hey mate got these a week or two ago and loving them, but how are you finding getting them on and off? I’m actually using a shoe horn to avoid wrecking the inside of the heel, got any thoughts? Cheers


Hey TeamRICHEY, We would love to be part of your next review ! Let me know if there is any interest and we will get some shoes over to you 🙂

Dave Miller says:

Drop the soy and get some Braggs Aminos! Tastes similar and Braggs is better for you!

skaynekurtis says:

Mos def…champion jump-cutter!! pip – pip – Bob’s your uncle!! Great work…love the content!

rob austin says:

New shoes on the table is bad luck!!!!! Big no no

Otto Potto says:

Now I want a pair

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