THE REEBOK NANO 8’s ARE HERE (First look and test)

Hands on and Test of the NEW REEBOK CROSSFIT NANO 8’s SHOE – WOD – Zack Vs Casper


Adam Pitchford says:

Nano 8’s or Metcon 4’s? I am going to purchase one of them end of this week, any help would be greatly appreciated?

Jacob Palos says:

You should really look into the inov8 flite 235 v2. Rizknows has a good video on them.

John Kiltcher says:

haven’t seen sparky in a long time 🙁

John Gildenhuis says:

Hot out the gates in round 1. Zack is def going to regionals this year

Mark Thomas says:

I hope at 35 I will be as fit as Geoff is at his age now.  Machine.  He don’t quit.

Kelvin Brinham says:

Spotify or SoundCloud playlist?

aka Waffles says:

Go Geoff Go! #geoffdontquit

Jeremy Tucker says:

I recently got a pair of nano 8’s I went a half size up. On the sides they feel a bit tight maybe that is due to me normally wearing nano 4s. Was wondering on the sizing you decided to go for nano 8s?

Deshaun73 says:

Thats the first time I have seen the garage gym clock used in about 8 months…

pharm30 says:

Not sure if I missed. Have you done a review of the nano 8s? Hated the 7s Love my metcon 4s. Reluctant to buy more nanos….

Keith Healy says:

Got to get me some nano 8’s. Also need me a team Richey shirt

murilo pinto says:

I’m from Brazil and i just love watching your videos, you guys are fantastic, keep it up !!!

Josh Raish says:

ill take the weaves if you hate them so much

Bill tackett says:


Glenn Cottingham says:

I don’t skip the ads, I like, I comment and I am OUT;-)

emmanuel rodrigues says:

What grips are you using?

killings says:

Wearing Adidas soccershoes kaiser. Works fine for me.

Dan says:

How have you not done a clip from Frozen for Casper?! He is Sven!! Especially dressed like an Ice Cutter.

Jackie Gammon says:

Love the video! But like many sports, it’s all about pacing yourself. Working out with more experienced folks, will certainly help… just pay attention to “your effort” and not theirs. BTW: When the pegboard came out many years ago, the form was just like your Dad’s… not toes on the wall. AND Sam Briggs has built her engine with lots of intervals, lifting heavy everyday and going out at 100% does not build an endurance engine.

Amelia PG says:

Ahahahaha that Prince Charming hairflick

Pickle Rick says:

Casper’s coat looks sick 😮 would love to know where he bought it x)

Austin Ray says:

Work in’ out to NF!!!

VitaGym Cahill says:

Aw will miss the 6’s, iconic TeamRichey ed lol

PJ ! says:

Just curious why none of your vids have been nabbed for copy right. How are u getting around it?

xander wulff says:

And you can tell Casper that he can come visit the crossfit gym in herning, we have a very advanced pegboard, it goes up, then 2 meters over and down again.

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