Top 5 Sneakers Every Guy Needs for 2018

New Year Special // Happy 2018!
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Aayan Kajla says:

Please any one tell can we run in persto

Argyris Kalamaras says:

wait a minute now…a video about mens’ shoes should show them properly tied. I am referring to the humongous shoe laces you show in the first three styles. Shoe laces that look humongous show carelessness and lack of attire-interest by the guy.


Go and get your best offer with very reasonable prices…best quality assurance..

martin joseph says:

Man you scare me with ur intro

John Doe says:

Wear some higher socks you look like a faggot

Wub Master says:

2 looks like the shoes my grandma wears, oh and 3

Jamst3R G4M3R says:

Your so fucking gay with them big ass laces

Jorge Rodriguez says:


Lucifer Sam says:

I wonder how many of the teens, and 20 something year olds that wear the Stan Smith tennis shoes know that Stan Smith was a tennis player during the 1960’s and early 70’s. Lacoste tennis shoes are also super clean!!

Bradley Stocker says:

jose the type of person to put a random sponsor in because he’s a cunt

sanjaya gusje says:

If I Got Money I Will Buy All Of Those U Recomended

IXm2unvrz says:

If I were to wear one shoe for the rest of my life it would be the Adidas Ultra Boost

franz morales says:

dont talk long. pls show only the pic . very annoying

Gigatless says:

Is this a 1 dollar mexican version of Alpha.m?

DscrappyLoco Golani says:

And so have ‘men’ evolved

brackpersian says:

he needs to chill the f*** down

HMm HMm says:

Love my white af1

Danny Zhang says:

whats the denim jack hes wearing

Leon B-Hong says:

Do top 10 sneakers next time.

Oatmealduck says:

put some fucking socks on

Pizza Gaming says:

From where to get 3:39 ?

TheGrahamReaper21 says:

holy shit, dude is corny af

Aman Sharma says:

i just found cheapest loafers @499 online with well build quality on

Robby Fowler says:

Enough with the cuffed pants! Don’t be tacky

Jeet Choouhan says:

Seriously rose golden black in shoes video !!!

lucky ducky says:

I live in iraq and you got to wear what the school tells u to wear and if you dont you get your ass wiped

George Yoel Leonard says:

wtf wheres chuck taylors?!

Stone H says:

Those Nikes are ugly

Paulius Šutinys says:

do u even wear socks? xd

John Jay says:

I have the Adidas EQT’s in black / white they are pretty awesome too… I like them better than ultra boost

mrzazzaable says:

What colour scheme are those vans old schools? You happen to find the only aesthetically pleasing colouring in existance.

Stephen Wilson-pinn says:

What about reebok

James Clamor says:

pause at 3:05

Roney Sangma says:

My choice is red

Relatif Records says:


big toe says:

which nike presto fly’s should i get : grey and white, pure white or pure black im 15 and about 5’5

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