Training Shoe Review – Reebok Legacy vs Nike Romaleos

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Quick review + my opinion on some of the shoes i have used for training and powerlifting. Nike romaleo, reebok lite Tr, reebok lifter vs the brand new Reebok Legacy. Iv played basketball my entire life and trained in a variety of ways so I have a decent grasp on all training methods and footwear needs. Hopefully you guys enjoy this shoe review.


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Edited by: Connor O’Neal


jon dae says:

reebok please bring back the lite TR!

Nick de Reus says:

We need the Reebok “Silent Mike 1.0” Shoe.

cjvDreams says:

4:50 “My fit foot snug”
lol I mess up my wording like that a lot.

bobthebuilder says:

Reebok pays you man… don’t do reviews   that’s it  
my 2 cents

TheNgGuy says:

Someone who understands!
Got super wide feet too. So hard to find kicks

Cabranch 13 says:

A reebok shoe being reviewed by a person sponsored by reebok. Gee I wonder if this will be biased

Joseph Williams says:

Dude… you convinced me.
I literally just placed my order at reebok haha
Unfortunately though, it wouldn’t let me take 25% off

Kevin from that place. says:

Love silent mike my fit foot snug

Hassan Sadek says:

can we have them change the “crossfit” into powerlifting?

Michael Porter says:

Hell yes, no un-necessary rubbing…. 🙂

vLAD Sartini says:

I Have a NIke R 2 and i don’t like it’s look, but the Light TR and Legacy look nice !!

M Hanks says:

How do the TR compare with the nano? I can’t find TR’s anywhere.

Rafy Koby says:

This is bs I search the net for lite TR’s for hours and all I found was a womens shoe in my size you guys think it will fit ?

Jared Weber says:

Silent Mike, have you lifted in the Speed TR at all? I have the lite TR, but the American flag colorway looks dope on the speed TR. Didn’t know if they would be good for pulling or not though

Nick Voebel says:

I just got a pair of Nanos6.0
Best cross training shoe from Reebok imo

McMeatBag says:

This might sound goofy, but when I strap on my Romaleos, it’s like a mindset change. I just feel completely ready to lift stuff

RB Suhas says:

I can’t afford any of them here in India.

Andrew Sten says:

it’s too bad that it seems the Lite TRs have been discontinued…unless Reebok is working on a new version

Abbey R says:

I have been using the Lite TR’S for about 2 years now. They are my favorite!

Invisible Jiu Jitsu says:

this advert was brought to you by reebok

bobthebuilder says:

legacy lifter has 22mm effective  heel height  ( .87inch )    its on the bottom of the shoe     did you even look

Jason Moe says:

it’d be nice if Reebok actually made some more lite tr’s

Cggdas says:

Is doing deadlift and squat without shoes okay?

ashraffwk wan says:

You mentioned the legacy and crosstraining shoes as weightlifting shoes, do powerlifting specific shoes exist and if yes why don’t you use them?

Silent Stranger says:

Legacy lifters have in fact a higher heal – 0.86” (22 mm, as stated on the shoe).
I think Nike’s are 0.75”

SherOn Bala says:

Overpriced, but when I did use them, it felt like it had suction to the ground.

Don Ron says:

Got the lite tr for $30 at local reebok outlet store. No leather anywhere but so far are way better than my chucks. Gj reebok

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