Did Skechers Rip Off the Nike Vapormax?! Skechers Vapormax Review

Yes they did.

Today I’m taking a look at the Skechers Skech-Air Atlas, or the Skechers Vapormax. This blatant Nike Vapormax knockoff removes all the things that make the Vapor Max good and replace them with BS. The Skecher Nike Vapormax knockoff costs $90 and does not include “comfort” as the box would suggest. Check out my video to learn more!

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BYORN says:

Slap a Supreme logo on it and ” COMFORT INCLUDED ” on the midsole, seth be the first one to cop

Maxi L. says:

Where tf to I find vapormaxes for 90$?? I’d really like a pair

Conner Hawkins says:


Charlie Shin says:

I guessed you could say sketchers is sketchy y

Brian Lee says:

Seth who won the giveaway?

Ted M says:

…. it looks and sounds like Skechers found their new spokesman!!! I can see Seth in a Skechers commercial for sure!!

Ryan B says:

I Watch all your videos and love the content. Strangely, your misery in this one makes me really laugh and happy

Travis Richardson says:

Terrible shoe oh god throw that thing in traffic and watch it pop underneath tires man!!!uhhh just terrible!!

DONTST0P says:

You are really overexagerating. For 90 dollars its a solid shoe

Joey Calabria says:

I like the video Seth, good and funny

surfingjc says:

Wow you dumped on that shoe. Really…

Joe Grant says:

Hey seth are you gonna cop the new adidas N.E.R.D pharrell nmd tomorrow at bbc

IgnNIGnokt - says:

Keep roasting skechers theyre gonna send them goons at you.

TTX G says:

Next time they will copie yeezys they will turn it into skeezys


You should try and cut the “air bubble” of the Skechers and see whether it actually has air in it

Carter Wilson says:

im cop’n dose lol

The BASS2DARK 187 says:

Brutal lol

greymatters says:

“it’s not like a bad shoe, i don’t hate it” proceeds to call the vapormax garbage lol. i agree though it’s an ugly shoe.

NTH THN says:

1:45 true.

Adr ian says:

P.S get out of SoHo or ignore the sketcher store

DaReviews says:

every time you review a sketcher, i die ever single time.

Elon duani says:

This is 100% your best and funniest video ever

Jorel Castillo says:

Sketchers gonna sponsor you soon to send more product, for some realistic and honest reviews haha

Aureliano Monteiro says:

Love it

Adr ian says:

Didn’t you already do this??

Heewoong Kim says:

Can you pls make a review on the Pureboost Go? I really want to get it but I am not completely sure.

Ted M says:

God damn Skechers are such trash. Too bad everyone who’s not into sneakers and or fashion seem to love them. The big Skechers store in my town is always busy and always have huge sales that draw in tons of people. They’re definitely old man/ Dad shoes. If you go to the mall or out to a movie on Saturday night almost every man over the age of about 45 is wearing Skechers! They’ll all tell you that they’re the most comfortable, yet if you talk to them and really get into it you’ll find that they have never hear of Adidas boost, cloud foam, Nike react, zoom air, or even Puma energy. They will have heard of Nike Air of course but would rather buy Skechers!!!!

leni ruklic says:

Am i the only one wondering how sketchers get away with this?

TheMrFishnDucks says:

Fantastic review. Keep up the good work.

sandiessss says:

Carlo Ople

Thúy Nguyễn says:


Max Tyler says:

You sound overly angry

Mr_Bisiro says:

Man, I’m glad folks who can’t afford the real deal can go to Payless and pick these up…. but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuk them shits. Terrible.

The Crook says:

You say u hate the vapormax and they look like a mouth hairs but you also got like the worst colorway…

jacrispysnail says:

Seth’s videos on fakes r the funniest shit everrrr

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