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yung Boi says:

Is not a knockoff is the version for peasants who cant buy Ultraboosts

Daniel Hernandez-Arroyo says:

episode should he titled :went to adidas retail store and they had knockoff ultraboosts”

Carl Swartz says:

I live in Changsha China. I have real boost 3.0 and a pair of fakes, through a really good connection. I can’t tell the difference

Matthew says:

I got the black and white Stand Smith’s with tumbled leather for $67AUD on boxing day

Ezra Pyne says:

So many kids wear those. I hate them and then when i get real boost i get asked why i spend so much. I hate them

Adrian Bennett says:

Those are cloudfoams

Ekramoul Haque says:

how you gonna call the of cusion knockoff shame what kiind of sneaker head u r

Balls in yo mouth says:

fooking touch every shoe

JBP Entertainment says:

You can’t knockoff a shoe that you created bro.

_JB999_YT says:

Adidas is so expensive

Joey Simon says:

those bike-style reflectors would be heavy as all hell

Odaine Clark says:

Those came out before the ultra boosts

Tommy Lakasi says:

This is just the adidas energy cloud 2 i think on th
E thumbnail

Jhai Tutaia says:

No where near knockoff it’s just low budget earlier models of what formed ultra boost

Adrian Bennett says:

It says on the side

HayDub says:

Its not a knockoff adidas just made a shoe that happens to look like there other shoe

JDM Cesar says:

Knock off I’d feel the same. Adidas killed it with Boost. Knock off boost may look hype, but you cant fake boost comfort. So they will actually feel different.

I Know Da Wae says:

Not a knockoff, just a shoe for non sneaker-heads

Terrance Parris says:

Does hate the colour blue ? Why he keeps avoiding to lift up one geez

5timeAcademyAwardwinner Kirk Lazarus says:

The addidas outlet I go to looks like fucking walmart shoes section.

Jacquelyn Thelen says:

Yeah I would love to buy the Ultra Boost or the Energy Boost but they really need to come down on their prices! And if I want all black ones, I would have to spend money on black paint too,what the heck Adidas? I’m sure they didn’t cost that much to make!

Namo Loke says:

Get puma nrgy cheap same stuff

Kentha Lor says:


Sawyer Shin says:

the rocket boost is 59 dollars in korean adidas outlets

Earl Lozano says:

I got dizzy with the video

Fady calderon says:

Those were made because some people couldn’t afford them

Jim W says:

It’s adidas cloud foam

XxTroll_12345xX says:

3:10 you’re welcome

Darmawan says:

its not a knockoff, its a takedown.

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