‘Most Comfortable Shoes In The World’? Skechers Burst Honest Review w/ On Feet

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I wanted to compare the sketchers (skechers I mean lol) burst to the adidas boost and also to nike flyknit and adidas primeknit.

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Advanced athletic technology and cool sporty style combine in the SKECHERS Burst – In the Mix shoe. Unique flat knit mesh fabric upper in a lace up athletic comfort sneaker with interwoven, nearly seamless design. Air Cooled Memory Foam insole, Burst midsole.
Flat Knit mesh nearly one piece fabric upper
Unique colorful interwoven designs
Three color side stripe patterns
Lace up athletic comfort sneaker
Open weave mesh front panel
Interwoven ventilating side design
Fabric heel stripe overlay with top pull on tab
Side S logo
Lace up front with embroidered eyelets
Padded collar and tongue
Soft fabric shoe lining
Air Cooled Memory Foam cushioned comfort insole
Burst Compound midsole with superior impact cushioning protection and remarkable energy return
Soft responsive Burst Compound allows maximum flexibility and is extremely light weight
Textured midsole finish
Flexible outsole with Burst Grip traction design
1 1/2 inch heel
Weight: 9 oz. per shoe in a men’s size 9


Jflo 100 says:

Don’t worry about what people think about your shoes, wear what you like and be happy about what your wearing because at the end of the day it’s really just shoes, it doesn’t matter what brand or type of shoe it is cause at least u ain’t scared to wear it.

Connor Chen says:


Daniel Mercado says:

I’m the 666th comment yeet

JoeJoe Trentz says:

ive always thought that skechers were spelled as sketchers

NegusBoi50 says:

There was a kid wearing these and my school and I took a pic of him and was like imma send this to my friends and clown him but then I deleted the picture cause I realized that’s just messed up

Space? says:

ultra boosts kill my feet because i have wide ass feet and like 1/3 of my foot hangs of the side lol

Umar Rauf says:

man Sorry to say, but you sound very very biased towrads Adidas

FavJam says:

i think spending that much on ultra boost is stupid anyway.
i mean i can easily afford them but i try not to spend money on big brand products.
just like the iphone, i can afford it but i look for better products which surprisingly are cheaper.

Adolf Hitler says:

I own a pair. fucking phenomenal
I’m a disabled veteran with a bad leg and back . these shoes almost completely eliminate my pain .

JamieteobGamesYT says:

Dude thanks for this review.This was a close one my classmates told me get these but thx to you I know there bad Im saved from being bullied 😀

armageddon namuco says:

I will wear this to fuck instead of gucci flip flop

bruce wayne says:

cant believe people would pick jordans and nikes over these

Andrew Grapes says:

Any guy checking another guys shoes is low key a “gay fag”. Shoes are shoes, they all break down when worn they all lose value when worn. As long as you like them, that’s all that matters. Shoes are just shoes at the end of the day. Now excuse me while I lace up my jordan retro cement 4 shoes.

SmilingChip says:

Couldn’t even make the word different lmfao

Deez Newtons says:

guys the S stands for hope

Gabriel Cabrera says:

boost looks off

fatmanandschizard says:

put some fucking lights in those bitches

Kermit the Savage says:

I have too see exact sketchers and the same colour

Andrew Grapes says:

Shoes look real comfortable ! I might get these instead of he ultra boosts! With the way Trump is tanking our economy and raising health insurance, it’s nice to save where you can!!!!


my brother says that skechers just copy other companies

mr_itryhard says:

He should switch the boost from the ultra boost into the sketchers like he did with the flykit racers. Who agrees?

2682shark says:

Is it really Skechers or Sketchers because I honestly remember in the 90s, they were called Sketchers… Damn Mandela Effect

Cal Marino says:

in my defense , I got some sketchers for Christmas and they’re comf af lol

Rice Thugs says:


Ben Seaward says:

I really respect that you made this.

The Flash says:

Bruh I see these Skechers at my mall I was like there’s ultra boost but ultra fake

Chocolate Bleach says:

I wouldn’t be caught dead in Skechers

Sargeant Madlion Maple says:

who gives a damn there Skechers there just a pair of shoes, god what happened to this world

CellarDoorNCX says:

Hats off to you for being realistic. That’s what this community lacks.

RoidWatch says:

The Skechers are far better than the rest of the overpriced dogshit.

osamabinpawning123 says:

I would buy the sketchers and just take off the logo on them to leave them brandless

Donald Trump says:

pleeeeeaaaaaaaaasseeeeee stoooooooop

Purple Yam Productions says:

Totally something my parents would wear

XXX Triple XXX cool guy says:

what are those!!!!

Clayton Poon says:

sketchers can just go bankrupt now

MLG Toaster says:

Y’all just talking trash since you can’t have air cooled memoryfoam

YoseMiteEmery says:

I wear Skechers to work. I really want a pair of ultra boost, are they worth the $180-220 price tag?

Xiaotian Wang says:


Tessa M. says:

Who cares what brand it is?? Some people don’t have 200 dollars to buy a pair of shoes that aren’t even comfortable

lam says:

Remember when knee high converse were popular..

Jj Rl says:

Anyone who learn finance and how to make their money productive, 1000% won’t be shame to wear $45 comfortable shoe instead of $180 flagship shoe only to show another people that they / their parents have “much money”.

U know what I mean.

youtuber44 says:

the memory foam comfort will last like 6 months if you use it everyday, but it’s still more comfortable over other brands even after the memory foam run out

Austin C says:

I legit thought this was a joke but then this guy goes on a full detailed video and actually likes them

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