I have reviewed previous versions of this shoe in the past and enjoyed them, but man, I’m really digging this new iteration. Not drastically different than previous versions, the GoRun 4 is fast, flexible and fun.

The upper is super comfortable, flexible and seamless. The simplicity is that it’s heartily attached to a light and flexible midsole that is just cushioned enough for middle to longer distance events. Really, it’s a cross between a long distance trainer and race flat – providing enough protection for longer events. I really enjoyed this shoe.

The major drawbacks will involve eventual durability – it’s already getting pretty worn in even after 100 or so miles. Also, the fact that the outsole just sucks in rocks, it gets pretty annoying during runs to have to keep pulling them out. Otherwise, I like to forget I’m wearing them and just run. Really nice feeling 🙂

What do you think? Have you run in the GoRun 4s? Do you like them? Let me know in the comments below!

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This product was provided by Skechers. All opinions are my own.


waddah ibrahim says:

0:22 the same manufacturer that “BRRROUGHT LLLESNAR”

Stewart G. says:

Part of the draw for me with the Skechers Performance line has been their quality/price combo. I’ve felt like I was pretty clever getting some pretty great shoes for dazzling prices, and thought Skechers pretty clever for undercutting the big names. But  I just had a look at the Ultra Road at my downtown Skechers store. Got a little dizzy at the $130CDN price tag. Did they jack up prices without me looking? I suppose it’s partly the lousy Canadian dollar affecting the price as well. But seriously can you get away with hiking prices that much?

Ruben Estrada says:

I had a couple of the first generation of Gorun and loved, are extremely light and very comfortable, the only problem was the durability, lasted me very little.

king beesh says:

I’m using this shoes now a days and its very comfortable , flexible , I love it.

TheChemerik says:

I think I’m more disappointed than you on the durability. I typically get 500+ miles from shoes and this barely made 200. Some rubber on those nubs under the ball of the foot would go a really long way for this shoe.

Fernando Pinto says:

How would you compare this to the kinvara 5 or 6?

Kilcobert19 says:

Will you be looking at the Skora Tempo that came out not too long ago? Zero drop high mileage trainer similar to a lightweight Altra.

Todd Falker says:

Ran in this shoe at lunch yesterday, def light and flexible but got some foot pain from all that flexibility. Didn’t realize mine had a removable insole until watching the review… thanks for the work!

Barry Ward says:

I really like these shoes – but durability underneath is TERRIBLE . 20% compared to NIKE Free’s 100%durability – and where I live they are about the same price as NIKE’s

John Marshall says:

I believe that Skechers would be able to attract more runners if they spun off the running line and renamed the new running brand. Skechers may make great running shoes but many won’t give the a chance because the shoes are “Skechers”… which most serious runners will never take seriously due to the brand name. It’s all psychology.

For example, Chipotle is owned by the company that owns McDonalds, but would you eat at McDonalds Chipotle? Probably not. Spinning off the running line into a new brand would disassociate the great running line from the regular Skechers shoes. Maybe the new Brand is just “GoRun” and they don’t even mention Skechers in the brand name. Brand names have a massive impact on buyer choice and unfortunately when a runner hears “Skechers”, they pretty much don’t give the shoe a chance.

You can bill me later for the idea, Skechers. Give a cut to The Ginger, too.

Amber Nixon says:

Totally agree on the ‘look’ score – looks like a flashy bowling shoe.  🙂  “Look, I’ve got girl boobs” – Picard on Family Guy

GeekWithaSideofNerd says:

I got a pair of the go run 4 at a Skechers outlet for 90 buck and a pair of the go run ultra 2 for half off. Love the outlet store for buying Go Runs.

Azavion Freeman says:


Placeholder says:

On the subject of a light and fast (at the price of durability) shoes, take a look at the mizuno universe.

portarng2007 says:

Hey Ethan, did u run with GoRun4 with or without the insole? From what I understand, the drop is 8mm with insole and 4mm sans. I got chafed on the medial arch when i ran without the insole in previous GoRun3, but with the insole, no issues. Just that I prefer the 4mm drop which is without the insole, if only it doesn’t chafe my foot in that setting.

Altinakis George says:

Hi guys!
I noticed that there is now (2016) an updated version of Gorun 4 with a new, GoKnit mesh. Leaving the mesh, is there any significant change to the shoe except the change of the mesh?
I am asking because i wear the updated version and somehow i found them more firm, thing that i liked it?
So are they the same it not?
Thanks I advance!

randy cuffaro says:

Always look forward to the Friday reviews…..waiting for the Hoka SpeedGoat

Ruben Estrada says:

Why you don’t try some running shoes of Reebok, I really like

Mike H. says:

Most comfortable shoe I have every worn..but I do not run with them.(walk)…Cliftons are my workhorse.

Nos Gusta Correr says:

Love them!! And believe me, the black-red colorway rocks a lot more that the LMFAO one that you have.

Ultrarunning novice says:

Nordstrom Rack had them on sale for $40. I figured it was at least worth a try at that price!

thatasiandude says:

da da da da GINGER RUNNER! la la da da da

friendlyfire53 says:

If you had to invest your money in 1 shoe company (not a specific shoe, the company as a whole), which would you choose? I’m talking about based on growth in popularity, performance, quality, etc.

Im_MENIME says:

Can you review the GOrun Stradas? I am thinking of grabbing a pair but there is virtually no reviews on them

jack chin says:

this or new balance Zante v2?

Brett Fromm says:

I love this shoe with the exact two exceptions mentioned in the vid – durability, I retired these shoes after 125 miles because the cusion wore out. My feet were hurting after only about 5 miles near the end. This was almost the perfect shoe!

Shane McWatters says:

Agree with everything you said.  For me, it’s a great 5K-10K shoe.  Much over that and I get more foot fatigue.  Love the lightweightness for sure!

zulkatak says:

bought the red gorun 4 like 5 hours ago. Excitation level for morning run tomorrow == overdose

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