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Just over a year ago Gearist reviewed our first pair of Skechers Performance running shoes. At the time, I commented how I was shocked to be referring to a pair of Skechers as a legit pair of running shoes. Since then Skechers Performance has grown in market penetration and clout among us running shoe geeks and were even on the feet of the winner of the 2014 Boston Marathon, Meb Keflezighi. Since being won over by the GOrun 3 last year, we’ve been looking forward to getting the GOrun 4 on and reviewed. This is a totally new shoe that doesn’t neglect what made its predecessor so good!

Have you tried Skechers Performance running shoes yet or are you still holding out for some reason? Let’s hear it in the comment section below!

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Ian Dave Manguira says:

thank god i bought this and go walk 3, both of them great buy

Melissa Hermoso says:

I have the Skechers go run 3 and I’m a very novice runner. I have some Adidas I got a while back and they’re not nearly as comfortable as the Skechers. They are a bit more stable so that’s the difference for me. Also, the Adidas give me a blister right on the inner side of the foot, right behind the bend towards the arch each time I wear them. The Skechers don’t give me a blister for a week or so, or about 15 miles in my run. Anyway, love the review and I’ll definitely be trying on the run4’s!!!

Sean Brennan says:

Very thorough review but I don’t understand how you can do a full review with only 25 miles on it

pegun says:

Just bought a pair in orange/black colourway after trying them on for 15 minutes in the store… Felt like Skechers did a full revamp and improved the shoe in every aspect. I can finally retire my flattened GR2, and can’t wait to run in these babies tomorrow!

Kevin says:

Love skechers.

evymeto says:

would these be worth considering if you’ve got duck feet like I do? any recommendations? thanks

Guy Smith says:

Brandon, please review the GoRun5!

tigerbalm says:

BTW, I ordered a the Saucony A6 (2015) for $35 online.  Anyone doubters can request to see my sale receipt for 6pm.

jack chin says:

Really like your reviews! keep it up 🙂

coreycupcakes says:

So hey, I got a new youtube account, my name is Billy Bobble, I bought a pair of go run 3 about a year ago because of your video, since then I lost 60lbs in weight and it all started here. I actually just last month bought skechers go run 4 and oh my gosh they are a huge huge jump in updates, they are amazing 🙂 I have a loyalty to skechers as they were the first pair of running shoes that helped me to lose weight, I feel like I can trust them and trust that they will perform with me, as cheesey as this sounds it’s important to be able to trust your shoes because if you don’t you will not give it your all in running, I cannot recommned skechers go run 4 enough I really can’t 🙂

Noah says:

I still have 5 new pairs of the Gorun 2 and 3.I liked them so much and was afraid that the new versions will start sucking so I had to stock up. I switched from Saucony Kinvaras since I’m semi-flat footed and the Kinvara fit just doesn’t address us and the wide versions are just plain ugly. Let’s be honest running shoes looks matter.

It’s either I buy a pair and try the new reiteration or I run more. I’m inclined to do the former 😉 It helped my BQ on my 2nd marathon (32 seconds slower than the cutoff though).

Daniel Fogg says:

Brandon, you’ve talked about couple times about moving and widening the toe box in a lot of shoes.  Have you run in Altras?  I just got a pair of the One2 and they feel so much like my Kinvara 5s but with a wider toe box.  

CoolInOlympia says:

Wow!  You really like this shoe!!!!  Not even a negative, really!

Perdomot says:

Got the Gorunride 3 and the Ultra shoes. The shoes are nice but you definitely have to like a very flexible shoe. I find I like a more solid shoe for myself like the Pearl Izumi you reviewed.

Animesh Upadhyay says:

die hard fan of skechers. Buying my own GoRun 4 tomorrow

tigerbalm says:

Legitimate or not, since I’ve never worn Sketchers…2 issues I have. #1 is they look like kids shoes or cheap.  #2 high prices.  The prices are VERY important, because Sketchers is NOT Nike or Adidas.  I can buy 2 pairs of Saucony or New Balance for the price of 1 Sketchers…meaning, I can get 2x wear with other brands.  I would not pay $100 for a running shoe that wears out in only 300-400 miles.  Sketchers may be a great shoe, but they don’t seem to be aggressive in marketing and affordability.   I’d rather have a pair of racing flats AND daily runner as opposed to 1 pair of Sketchers…that’s the bottom line.

Drummer Gamer says:

I’ve only ever seen the Rides and Ultras at the Skechers stores near me. I’ve tried them both. I’ll say that with the insoles in for the 8mm drop configuration, the shoes are both REALLY solid. However, I removed the insoles, making the drop 4mm, as I tend to run in shoes that are 6mm drop or below; usually, 3mm. For me, I didnt enjoy the shoes at all sans insole / at the 4mm drop option. All I could feel while running without the insole in the Ultra was the flex grooves and pods, and it was pretty bothersome. It’s almost as if the footbed was scrunching up as my foot flexed; it’s hard to explain. To be fair, I haven’t seen anyone else say that in their reviews, so maybe it was just the pair I bought? The Ride 3 was slightly better, but not by much.

It’s not a diss on the shoes at all; I do think they are really well made, and I like the variable drop! I just didn’t enjoy the ride of the 4mm drop configuration, and I don’t like running in 8mm drop or above shoes, as I’ve trained in 4mm drop or below shoes for years, with the occasional 6mm drop.

I think the Skechers Performance shoes are really well made, and I would recommend them to anyone. Anyone who avoids them because of the “S” is just being plain stubborn and stupid at this point.

They just weren’t my cup of tea, so to speak.

I want to check out the Runs, as they seem to fall more in line with what I typically run in from my personal brand of choice. (I don’t want to name drop another brand on this review out of respect for Skechers Performance 🙂 )

On a side note, the price is stupidly awesome for all the Skechers Performance stuff; especially the Ultra. It’s silly to pay $130+ for a super narrow Hoka when you can get the Ultra for under $80 and get a similar ride with (in my opinion) MUCH more upper comfort and splay!

Awesome review as always!

Matt Ellenberger says:

I work at a running store, GEAR running that is the only specialty running store in Minnesota (and store in general outside of the sketchers store at Mall of America) that sells sketchers running shoes. We don’t carry the Go Run 4 but we carry the Go Run Ride, the Go Meb Speed and the Go Run Ultra. The Go Run Ultra has been a really good seller for us and is a nice option for people who want the cushioning of a Hoka with more flexibility and a wider toebox in a lighter package. Plus, if you want those qualities out of a Hoka you’re probably looking at the Bondi 4 or Conquest 2, which most people won’t buy because of aesthetics alone. Nonetheless, what are your opinions on the rest of sketchers’ lineup? personally I run in the Gorun 3 but wasn’t a fan of the unstructured toebox; my foot slid around too much. Has that been rectified? you said there was only that one sewn on overlay but is there any structure in the toe box at all?

Satyam Dwivedi says:

Hello Brandon, lovely review.
I am an ASICS guy and never tried skechers. I wasn’t even considering buying one before fate brought me to your video and now I am somewhat impressed by them. I am more of a casual runner with a 15-20 min routine.Also, are these ones any good for providing all day comfort if needed as there are times when I need to walk a lot all day due to nature of my job. Thanks

Mel Thomp says:

Hi, thanks for the review. Would these be suitable for power walking? I can’t run or jog..

Altinakis George says:

Hi guys!
I noticed that there is now (2016) an updated version of Gorun 4 with a new, GoKnit mesh. Leaving the mesh, is there any significant change to the shoe except the change of the mesh?
I am asking because i wear the updated version and somehow i found them more firm, thing that i liked it?
So are they the same it not?
Thanks I advance!

Eileen O says:

Bought this today! Will have my first run it tomorrow. I can’t wait! I’m thinking it’s gonna end up being a great shoe for me. Awesome review, thanks!

Rob Reilley says:

I’ve been in Skechers since the Go Run 2s. I can’t wait to try the 4s. At first a few close minded runners gave me a hard time, but my running group never did. They have always been open minded. I would love for them to try Skechers, but no store around where I live sells them. I have to order online.

decafcoffee73 says:

Would you run the Chicago Marathon in these?

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