Skechers Performance has been delivering some really interesting road shoes as of late and the new GORun Razor 3 Hyper and GORun 7 Hyper are no exception. I’ve been really digging the new Hyper Burst midsole – it’s a solid mix of responsiveness and comfort that I’ve been seeking, especially in a race shoe. These two shoes share the midsole tech but are two tools for different jobs. The GORun 7 Hyper is great for long hauls in comfort while the GORun Razor 3 Hyper is a fast racer for speed workouts or the race environment. What do YOU think about the new Skechers offerings? Let me know in the comments below!

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Jhendridge Tuazon says:

Very interested in the Hyperburst midsole especially that bright green. Hope they put that on a simple upper without loud graphica(and no letters).

OC Trailies says:


Lacy Jinks says:

I’ve always really liked Skechers Performance shoes. They don’t work for me though bc at my big size they don’t come in half sizes and neither size down or up work at all for me.

John Carr says:

I really love the razor 3 hyper! The hyperburst foam is like no other foam I’ve experienced in a shoe. I just ran my first marathon ever, in them last week and they felt great the whole way!

TobyLeupold says:

I always love your reviews. I am sorry but this shoe is just terribly ugly (both are, the hyper is even uglier… looks like a unfinished prototype). It may nice to run in but I cannot see myself going out of my house with those.

Running Otaku says:

I’ve put over 150 tempo/track/racing miles in the Razor 3 and really like them. The shoe has held up well. I’ve noticed that the Razor 3 excels for runs/races of up to an hour. When I go longer, I start feeling a bit of fatigue…so I’d say that it’s not a great half or full marathon option. Also, I have over 400 easy miles in the GoRUN Ride 7s and love them- great combo of comfort/weight. Really curious if the new Ride 7 Hyper is a good replacement or if I should get another Ride 7 at discount???

Manuel Tan says:

Great Review !

TheBachmaier says:

Any plans to review the On Cloudventure Peak? 🙂

readyme says:

I am looking forward to the GORun 7 Hyper. I too am a bigger guy in the PNW…and I love me some longer runs.

K Burma says:

Any chance you could give SJD, Ko, and believe in the run a chance for a compilation review? I might run tiger claw if it falls on my days off.

Cole B says:

I’ve been trying to use Ethan’s Running Warehouse discount code “gingerrun” but it hasn’t been working. Am I doing something wrong?

Frank O says:

Go run hyper 7 isn’t on sale to the public yet?

victordesabata says:

I bought my Skechers Road Ultra 2 for $30 a pair. Totally blown away by it. The upper is so comfortable and midsole still cushy after 300+ miles. I like it when companies make good, really good running shoes at a low price point. It makes the sports much more accessible for those who can’t afford expensive shoes.

Dave Neal says:

Just not going to run in Skechers, unless, they were given to me, then maybe – have you reviewed any Topo shoes, I’d like to hear what you think of them

Eduardo Mesquita Nunes says:

Dear Ginger, I’m using a gorun6, great shoe, and thinking of buy a ride7, I like the wide toebox, wait for Skecher from Brazil to star selling thoses.

Joel Del Rosario says:


Fluffy Cat says:

Still waiting on that Clifton 5 review…

SneakerGearz says:

Great overall review but I feel you kind of just added the Go Run 7 where as the review was more detailed on the Razor.

Regarding the fit, how was it sloppy? Lockdown? Width? Also, how is the cushion setup different. Less bouncy, more plush, heavier??? Lastly, any details at all regarding release date or time frame?

Love your stuff and appreciate your input.

Rusty Daines says:

Really wanna jump on these shoes, fit has me worried as I can’t find 12.5, do they not offer half sizes in this model?

MontalbanJR says:

Ahhhh, no.

Edward Tiangco says:

Awesome review but still a little iffy on the brand.. if they take out the “speed” on the next iteration, i might just give it a go..

Michael Harris says:

Pease test the new Caldera 3.

thesii213 says:

It’s not all sixteens and dying dream, but when it is… it’s pretty great.

Josh Contreras says:

Id like to try em but no stores near me has em. Wanna try on b4 buying

Michael Cobb says:

That midsole looks like a pool noodle

ultimantninja375 says:

Where is the GOrun 7 Hyper available? I don’t see it anywhere

TheGingerRunner says:

What do you think of the new Hyper Burst offerings from Skechers Performance? Can the brand pull in new runners with these offerings? Let me know your thoughts below!

James Frost says:

Thanks for the video. Ginger, how many miles did you put into these shoes before the review?

Oscar De Cicco says:

I always enjoy your reviews Ethan!
I only ever run in the Go Run 3, ages ago, and that Metarocket something was an awkward feeling, traction was poor and fit was terrible. I bought them heavily discounted and I sold them after just a few runs.
I would give Skechers another shot, if only they employed some actual designer!!!
I believe the R&D guys are doing their job, but damn those things are ugly!

Jim Duyck says:

I’m holding out for the Ride 8s with the new midsole.

John Marshall says:

I did not mind the SPEED on the side when it was part if the shoes name.. but now with the name change from Razor 3 Speed to Razor 3 Hyper the SPEED seems more, well, silly. But I do love the black/silver/yellow colors.

aneczka2114 says:

Want this shoe when they update the color…please offer another color!

Kaspars Purmalietis says:

Oh man, just can’t take seriously a shoe looking like that 😀
Great review though. Thumbs up for puppydances!

curandero verde says:

Hey Ginger dude… Just wondering which shoe you think has the roomiest toe box with the least spongy sole…for decades I have been unable to wear enclosed shoes due to a nerve getting inflamed in the center underneath of foot when in narrow toe box and now pretty much just wear Luna sandals (and a super wide mountaineering boot that is not plastic)… I was looking at Carson Footwear, then something like the Xero terra but now I realize Maybe the Altra superior 3-3.5???
Any suggestions would be appreciated…

JGvids says:

I haven’t been able to find the GoRun 7 Hyper online.. I am able to find the regular GoRun Ride 7 though. Where can I get the 7 Hyper?

GeebusCripes says:

They’re just so ugly.

Random Filmtography says:

Yeah, I’m one of those guys who’s like, “Sketchers….yeaaaaahhhhh…..nah.”. EVEN with your glowing review of these shoes I still can’t help but think that this is the company that made dress shoes in the 90’s with 2 inch thick soles, those goofy rounded muscle “toning” curvy bubble like soles a few years ago, and of course the K-Mart like styling. I can NOT get past SPEED and the cheesy looking silver metallic print. I still feel there’s too many options from serious running shoe companies to ever consider Sketchers. Sorry man. Do appreciate the reviews though!

carlos diaz says:

The go run razor 3 is the best road runner flat/racer on the market the 4% killer!!

Jordan Privette says:

I think in order to be taken seriously as a performance shoe, they need to release them under different branding. Sketchers has been around too long as a kids shoe company (at least in my mind) and that is not the image you want for performance shoes.

akolutos75 says:

Great review! My Razor 3’s will be here today, ran a 5K PR on Saturday with the GoMeb Speed 5’s. Got a 10K in a few weeks, so I’ll have to decide which ones I’d rather use.

todd hoel says:

The new hyper 3 reminds me of the hoka speed tracer which I love tempted to try the new Skechers

Gary Haber says:

Are the Razor Speeds very soft and are the new Go Run 7 softer than the Go Run 6? The heel cup in the back of the 6 gave me blisters and the hardened midsole gave me very sore fatigued bottoms of my feet so I wonder if they fixed this with the 7? The 5s were good but nothing beats the Go Run Ride 4 and the first Gen go Run Ride 5 before they switched to Flightgen…. The latest Skechers since then have lost me as a customer and I’m hoping the Speed Razor Hypers can win me back…. Are they soft?

Cory McNair says:

I’m glad to see a positive but honest review of Skechers. I have a pair of GoMeb Speed 3s that serve as a 5k shoe for me (I am quite a bit heavier than Meb) and love them. The durability is amazing for this type of shoe. However, even for back then, the wet grip suffered. Do you think this is an issue where the Skechers Performance is so worried about durability to overcome their parent company’s reputation that they opt out of grippier, but less durable rubber?

Bucketlist Fit Running says:

They look squishy but in a good way!

Håkan Brovell says:

I’m very interesting in both the Razor 3 and the Gorun Ride 7 Hyper when it will be available here in Sweden. I have the original Gorun Ride 7 and that is just a treat to run in.

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