Over the years, I’ve been able to review a handful of Skechers running shoes. They’ve always surprised me with their comfort, weight and materials. The new GoRun Ultra R 2 is no exception – total improvement over the first version of this neutral, go-long shoe great for big mileage weekends, marathons and beyond. What do you think of the Skechers Ultra Road 2?

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TimEbaysball says:

I used these for the Pistol 100 last month, which is a road ultra. They performed phenomenally. I can’t get over how much more cushioned they are than hokas even. It feels like if I were to have used any other shoe my legs would’ve hurt way worse by the end of it. I plan on using them for the Blue Ridge Double next weekend also. America’s Toughest Road Marathon X2.

Nathan Barker says:

Was excited about these, until you said the bit about your pinky toe… 🙁

The Strontium Project says:

I give it a 16

Mark Kasick says:

I really liked the original Go-Run ultra, wore two pairs out. Ran a road marathon in one. I tried the predecessor of this shoe on in the store. Felt rather unstable. I would give the new one a try if the price was right.

Some Drumcovers says:

More trash editing!

julius hernandez says:

You have to try Skechers GoRun Ride 7. You won’t be disappointed. The review was informative. Thank you.

Felix On the Run says:

bought these about 2 weeks ago and broke them in on a 12 mile run. really surprised how much I enjoyed them. really light weight and plenty of cushion. even did some uptempo work in them and didn’t feel like I had to work harder. I’ve put about 50 miles in them so far and I haven’t picked up my Cliftons since. im enjoying this shoe.

Paulo Melo says:

I have a pair, love them, became a fan of sketchers running shoes because of them.

Tara Langdon says:

I love Skechers Ultras! Been wearing them exclusively for about 2 years now for all training and racing. The tread of the older version was better, but the sole would wear down pretty fast. I get tons of mileage out of these and have been racing 24 hour races in them. I always get them on sale on Amazon, sometimes 1/4th the price! I can run through many of these for the price of a Hoka which I don’t prefer anyways. Great review!

Mark Robinson says:

Best shoe i’ve ever run in. Cushioned, lightweight, durable, great fit!

ED_GAA says:

just found these gems in a burlington for $28 dollars! Definitely got a a good deal

Stephane Michel says:

How does it compare to the GoRunRide7 (if it does)?

PJ says:

Ginger, please, how would you describe the most striking differences between the Clifton and this Skechers? They look very similar to me.

Tony Sherman says:

When will the Ginger Runner Live episodes be back on podcasts? Podcast format works so much better for me!

Jameson Bond says:

On sale at running warehouse and was about to give them a try until you said narrow

T C says:

Not spending 115.00 on a pair of Skechers…..

Ed says:

That stuff about the arch support ruined this for me. The arch on the Clifton 4 was too painful for me to run in, so I assume it is even worse on this shoe.

Mike H. says:

Good brand for the buck…a bit Sketchy but my guess is that they often are a best buy…often very comfy and light….Meb K…Quality runner always a Gentleman!

spotlight761 says:

Is it more breathable than the first version?

Florian K says:

I’ve run in a few Skechers by now. Started with the GoMeb Speed 3, then had the GoRun 5 and now the GoRun Ride 7. They all have been excellent shoes and a fantastic value for money. The next Flightgen my midsole on the GoRun Ride 7 is amazing and so comfy. A big plus is the low heel to toe drop in most of their models. I honestly don’t get the snobbish attitude towards a running shoe. It’s not like many Hokas look good either, it’s how they run that matters most.

Michael Brewer says:

Great shoe!!!! I favor them over my Cliftons. Plan on racing in them on a couple of net downhill marathons this year. Great review.

Jim O'Connor says:

Better than Hokas, no problem with grip here. I live in South Georgia and humidity is 90%+ everyday and rain in the afternoons. Have not experienced the slippage. Bought for $55. STEAL!!!!!!!

Brooks C says:

I wanted to like this shoe. The midsole is quite nice, but the upper material is just so thick and cheap feeling that I would recommend against it despite its strengths. Not comfortable at all to me. Just bite the bullet and spend more for the Vomero or something.

Niilo Suominen says:

Can you do review about asics gel-ds trainer 23?

Joel Wilke says:

I picked up my first pair of Sketchers-the GoMeb Razors on running warehouse a couple months ago for like 50 bucks and absolutely love them. They have become a staple for my rotation-use them mostly for races and fast days. Set PRs in both 5k and 10k road races in them in the last month-very solid shoe.

Mathew prior says:

So happy you back reviewing mate miss you

merkin22 says:

That no traction in anything but dry conditions is an absolute ‘no way’ for me in a running shoe. What were they thinking? I swam, er, ran, in a racing flat at Boston this week and pre race did wonder if slipping would be an issue but never thought of it again once the race started as footing was fine even in the deluge.

Kshitij Padalkar says:

What happened to ginger runner coupon code at runningwarehouse?

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