Skechers GoTrain Endurance Shoe Review

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What started out as a pseudo joke review, ended up with me actually really enjoying these shoes. I, like many of you guys out there, am kind of a shoe snob, never to be caught dead wearing Skechers…until now. At the end of the day, all that really matters in a training shoe is if it works for you and the Skechers will definitely have an audience to cater to. Not only do they cost much less than any of the bigger brands, they’re far superior when it comes to comfort running and jumping. Durability is excellent so far as I really tried to grind them down from climbing ropes, which they’re excellent at. They’re not shabby lifters either, but obviously there are better options. Still, at the end of the day, I can actually say I recommend the GoTrain Endurance. I know I’ll be keeping mine around until they blow up.


Craigslist Reply says:

I’m still baffled as to why your channel doesn’t have more subs and views.

Hope you can review the Adidas Power Perfect. Thanks !

Dean D says:

Thanks for having an open mind and reviewing a budget shoe.

Medardo Perez says:

I don’t where u get the money to buy all this shoes but this is my favorite channel for reviews

Jono H says:

How would you rate this shoe for someone with wide flat feet?

Paul Dangerfield says:

Pretty awesome that Skechers is proving that they can make a good product even outside there standard target market.

hecg83 says:

Would you recommend this for insanity max 30??? Lots of jumping lateral movements

StonedRambo01 says:

What’s the best all around shoe for all lifts? I want the jack of all trades master of none shoe. Great channel by the way! You should make a wall of fame with the 5 or 10 best shoes for each lift and best all rounders for the website. When a new better shoe comes out it knocks a shoe off the wall. And that would make more people want to visit the site to stay up to date. Hell do it with everything top 5 barbells etc…. Just my thought.

nerzo4878 says:

Skechers….. seriously ?!

Theo De Hoyos says:

As always great review Joel

kpangilinan says:

Minus the Sketchers logo, the shoe does look really nice. I would get them. I had a feeling they would surprise us.

Danilo Ćalić says:

Who would’ve guessed 😀

jayo84 says:

Damn nice looking shoes!!

Anthony Reilly says:

Your video deserves more views, check out: U 2 B Z O N E . C O M

brocky says:

Can .you do a review for the Do-Win Weightlifting shoe? I saw it on the Rogue FItness website. Looks cool.

KontrolEnthusiast says:

Thanks for reviewing a surprise find in an entry level “affordable” trainer. My wife just bought a pair of Skechers last weekend and asked if I had taken a look at their offerings. Been on the hunt for cross-trainers for the gym to replace tired kicks, didn’t want to spend $100+ for the latest and greatest, wound up finding Asics Met conviction for $55 on Amazon, (watched your review), if they don’t fill the need will look to these.

Joske Vermeulen says:

When are you going to review the Adidas Crazypower Trainer Men´s shoe? I´m very curious how they compare against a metcon3 or nano7.

Ryan Pettersson says:

Where did you get those baby groot socks?

MsIrick says:

Hey Joel, have you ever thought about trying the adidas stan smith as a crossfit shoe?, it has some features that would make a very good minimalistic crossfit shoe even though it’s a lifestyle shoe

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