I was surprised by this shoe – a max cushioned, rugged outsole kick from an unlikely source, Skechers Performance. The GoRun MaxTrail 5 Ultra is a fun, interesting kick to add to your trail quivver – great for super long hauls on sloppy or non-technical routes. Have you tried it? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below!

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Tim says:

How is the width in general? I get the upper is stretch but compared to the Altra line, how is it?

Jonah B. says:

Is the GoTrail line still a thing? Wanted to snag some Gotrail 2s but cant seem to really find them

Mark Vanderhoff says:

Have you ever done a review on Hoka Tracer 2 or Gaviota?

Stewart G. says:

Ethan, I’ve used lots of Skechers trail shoes and these ones are amazing! Comfy, great fit, great laces great tread. Flap jacks and applesauce! It does take time to dial it in, and you have to wear socks that don’t slip. Also, they’re not super stiff over golf ball size rocks, so be careful there. And they are definitely lighter than the Ultra Trail 3 and 4. Shoe runs great on gravel roads AND on regular roads! So I’m a fan. It’s almost like wearing the Ride 7 on the trails. I’ve put 90 kms on mine so far and will wear them for my first fifty miler in October that has plenty of gnarly trail, and rocky climbs, as well as lots of gravel road as well. Highly recommend these shoes as well as the Ride 7!

Fire Fox says:

I love skecher s ultra line. I use the ultra roads for Ironmans. Excited to see you race video too!!

joe mamma says:

What socks do you wear?

Justin Brockhaus says:

Was hoping to see the New Balance Fresh Foam Beacon this week…still an amazing week for shoe reviews!

tazpengra says:

As a Skechers Performance fan, I was looking forward to these shoes, but 11.5oz is a bit much. I have the GoTrail Ultra 4, and they’re also heavy feeling at 11oz. Comfortable AF, but sure don’t inspire a faster pace. If they get this under 10oz for the next version, I’m in. I might try to GoTrail2. I’m on my 3rd pair of GoRun Ultra Road2.

Justin Chandler says:

Could you do a review of the New Balance 1400v6? You have a review of the v3 but I’m wondering how similar they are. I have a 25k trial run in 5 weeks which I ran last year in Hoka Speedgoats and destroyed my left ankle. My podiatrist suggested the 1400s which I know are racing flats, but he thinks they’d work best for me. Wanted to get your thoughts on if you’ve worn them and how they compare to the v3. Love the videos. Keep them coming!

Jim O'Connor says:

Go Run Ultra 2 has the drain holes as well. An awesome shoe for recovery runs. Sketcher performance line is pretty good but hey, no boost or swoosh so most won’t try. Too bad!

Sully Mems says:

Too long of a name. I hate shoes with 6+ words in the name. Should be brand + model + number. Nothing else.

The4Wattsies says:

This review is a buy. 17/20! What kind of ding dong gave this review a thumbs down?

rochelle velasco says:

can you do a review about under armour fat tire 2 please

Chelsea Fox says:

I loved review week! Winter is coming…time for headlamp reviews maybe? 😉 Soon the sun will set in Svalbard for 4 months and a good head lamp is important…because…polar bears.

Chenggang Guo says:

Bought two pairs of these beasts because of your review!

Guillet jean-jacques says:

better than the hoka mafate speed 2 ?

Ted Forsström Jacobsson says:

Thanks for review week! And thanks for introducing me to Skechers performance a year back or so. They actually make great stuff (and I feel so badass running in such a hated brand)

superckn7 says:

Could these survive Spartan/Tough Mudder races? RnMT

ross says:

Ginger love sketchy and tommy love wingy

Lou Matos says:

Great review E! Love your attitude and style

Steven Hahn says:

Tried out the Skechers Forza 3s recently and found the fit to be sloppy as well with it’s very flexible knit upper. Really want to like them but hopefully i dial in the fit a bit more too!

Iwan Bourton says:

Ooo, interesting. Loved my GoTrail Ultra 2, found its replacement going too narrow in the forefoot, would love to get a pair for rotation *if* it’s wide enough. Thanks for Review Week GR, been great!

Ben Evans says:

Can you do a review of one of the newer editions of the Skechers Gotrail? The original is one of my all time favorite trail shoes but I’m scared the newer models may not be as good

Greg Howell says:

It’s not all burritos and pumpkin spice lattes

Dave Whitaker says:

Dang’ really banging out those shoe reviews!

Rick Jaramillo says:

Skechers performance brand is actually amazing. Saw one of your earlier videos and that’s what got me hooked on the brand. I’m more of a road runner but have been using Skechers since the go run 4. People seriously sleeping on this company.

Eric Lucas says:

Thanks, Ginger runner. I ran and completed my first 150km with these Sketchers last week.. Oh the shame of running in skechers. I had no issues. Stable on steep inclines. Mud came off quickly. A good comfortable ride for the entire 30 hours. No excessive wear noticed. Toe box was large, however 0 blisters and no hot spots. For me, a great buy.

pepperpot74 says:

New to running so forgive a newbie question; does a knit upper negate the need for gaiters? I’m looking for tips on gaiters and didn’t see anything in your reviews playlist (or did I miss it?). Side note: scrolling through the reviews playlist gave me an entertaining picture of the evolution of your beard. Nice!

Nick Coulter says:

I’d like to see a review for the Asics Gel Nimbus.

D.B. says:

No low drop options in sketchers otherwise I’d give em a try.

GeebusCripes says:

Those drainage holes are gonna work both ways.

Daniel Elizondo says:

Please review the Xodus ISO 3 and compare it to this one. Both 4mm drop and max cushion.

Richard Davis says:

Skechers is pricing itself into the high end of the market. The cost is on par with the hyped trail brands like Altra and Hoka, but since Skechers doesn’t have that hype (yet), I know the price will go down and I’m looking forward to buying these.

Kennedy9614 says:

Love Skechers. Have a pair of the Ultra gorun roads are they are my go to’s for long runs

Isaac Walker says:

Review the Skechers GoRun Ride 7 it reminds me of the OG Clifton but cheap

Caleb Latreille says:

the upper northwest is turning you into a woodsprite! i’m way more of a road shoe user but thanks for a great week of reviews nevertheless, so thankful for the work you do

MCM says:


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