It’s no big secret that we’ve been fans of Skechers Performance since we first reviewed their shoes a couple of years ago. Since then the hits keep on coming from what many people, especially those in the running world, considered a fashion brand and nothing more. One of the shoes we’ve looked at from their lineup in the past was the GOrun Ultra []; a shoe that brought a ton of cushion to the game but its home terrain was a bit of a mystery as it definitely fit on the road, but trails would come calling here and there as well. Now however, the GOrun Ultra has matured and gotten a road-specific version called the GOrun Ultra Road which we’ll be looking at today.

As with all Skechers Performance models, the GOrun Ultra Road still impresses me in the price category coming in at $115 which is one of their priciest models yet (which should tell you something). I think that added value in this shoe is the durability and cushion which will go a long way if that’s what you’re looking for.

Skechers Performance has again impressed me with their shoes. This time it’s not so much because I didn’t expect a good shoe but it’s that their development and evolution show a lot of thought put into shoe for performance oriented runners.

1-10, how much cushioning do you like in your shoes and why? Tell us in the comment section below!

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Faisal Howaish says:

I’m a plantar facist person , I will buy the Ultra Road cause it has lots of cushining , I hope it  release my heel pain .

Jesse Zitting says:

I’ve run in everything from totally barefoot to hoka one one. I do have to say that I prefer barefoot. I haven’t been running barefoot because I’ve been training for my first 50k, I’ve been running in super cushy altras. I don’t like super cushy that much but it does help with longer runs. I prefer barefoot/vibram 5 fingers because if you run longer distances, then your legs will be stronger, less likely to get injured and it’s really more fun as well.

Chris Thigpen says:


Arron Garrod says:

Cushion level 2.5…..I prefer NB 1400v2/3’s or PI N0’s for road, Nike Zoom Kiger 3 for trail

Arron Garrod says:

Sweet clear insole….love the green screen!!!

The Geriatric Runner says:

I think its such a mistake to think of shoes as I want my shoe to have…. as if one shoe has it all. We are better off to say I want my long distance shoe to have a lot of cush and…, I want my running flaat to have very little and…, Im a barefoot runner but realize Ill be in a big city next week I better get at the very least sandals because I dont live on the Serengeti and theirs a good change for broken glass if not needles. I like a lot of cush for 60 plus runs and my long distance shoes. But only that

Sifu Riaz says:

what is the weight in comparison with the go run ultra? sorry just heard the size 9 weight is 10.4 oz. Wonder what the size 7 would be for me?

gdkmouse says:

I would be 5.5 to 6. I would not like to be a10 as you say , it would feel like a marshmellow. the reason being, I have just done the .New York marathon and found it harder than normal. in the UK and Europe the roads ‘feel’ different. the roads in NY looked as if they were solid concrete. I definitely felt sore afterwards. I was running in Brooks Ghost 6. size 8 (UK). I tried running in a pair of Freash Foam Boracay 8 (UK), but found them really strange for long distance. would the feel of the go run ultra road , be a completely different experience? thanks graham.

John Marshall says:

I’m a barefoot runner, so I don’t buy running shoes… however, I still love watching your shoe reviews.

Jiju the Great says:

I Love cushioning for long distances since I have a very bad relationship with shin splints. I have Nike Lunarglide 6 as of right now and am probably gonna get some of these. While I’m doing tempo workouts, however, cushion tends to slow me down massively. Over all if it weren’t for my shin splints, I would easily have a 4-5 love for cushion.

Perdomot says:

I tried the first Ultra and couldn’t quite get used to the feel of it. Been running in Hokas(Huaka & Odyssey) for a month now and get what you mean about the soft yet responsive feel. The new Ultra reminds me a lot of some Hokas, especially the orange part and how its shaped so I think maybe Sketchers is doing a little copycatting. At least they look better than the Hokas and that wide toe box looks so comfy.

GeekWithaSideofNerd says:

I love a good cush.  If I know I am not trying to run fast and on pavement, I will definitely go with something like my GoRun Ultras or a Hoka One One. So maybe an 8, but if its speed work going with something like a 2 to 2.5.

xuaeenr1 says:

Great review Brandon!

Lester Acha says:

what the the different skechers running shoes for? i love the go run 4. very light and comfy. i used it for half marys and ultra marathons. id like to know the differnec types for. like gorun from ultra from forsa etc. thanks..

Roger Martin says:

Great review! Love the look of the Go Run. I guess it may be time to take them seriously? Looking forward to seeing their trail shoe. Road show a 6. Trail shoe a 5. So not to much difference. I tried on a couple Hoka’s the other day. Wow what a difference. It would take a while to get used to that. I wonder if it changed anyone’s running form when they switched over.

Onno Yperlaan says:

Great review. I love a shoe giving me a small amount of cushioning, around (1-10 scale) between 2-5. Like some responsiveness. Better for my gait.

David Alvarez says:

Cushion level I desperately want: 0Cushion level I need because I run 60 miles a week on hard concrete and will just get hurt: 2 :(The Skora Fit has been the perfect balance for me

Ken Phillips says:

Nice review. I like running in something around an 8-9 in “cush”. I ran in the Ultra and Ultra 2 and got just over 300 miles on both pair. I am not an efficient runner and tend to heal strike a bit so they wore out pretty quick. I have been running in the GoRun Strada for the past 3 months waiting for a more road based Ultra. I bought the Ultra R about 2 weeks ago and ran in them for the first time yesterday. They seem a bit less “cushy” than the Ultra 2 or 1 but that is probably just a feeling from the rubber and it’s hard to tell about a shoe after only one run. I am REALLY glad they added the rubber impulse to the soles and expect them to last longer. On a separate note, I also just bought the GoRun Forza (NYC special edition). It’s a motion control shoe and ran in them this morning. Really REALLY liked them. So far I haven’t liked anything as well as the Ultra and Ultra 2, but the Forza may be one I like better. I’ll know more in 30 or 40 miles.

Daniel Fogg says:

Kinvara is as much cushion as I want so wherever that would put me!

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