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Honestly, I’ve let Skechers fly under my radar far too long. While I’ve reviewed some of their kicks in the past, I was never keen on too many of them. Well, I regret not trying these earlier. They are awesome – especially for $59!

Cushioned, flexible, fairly lightweight, and airy. I like these shoes. Really the major downside is that they are not going to hold up for hundreds of miles. But, for the price, you might still be getting a great bang for your buck!

Have you run in the GoTrail? Let me know in the comments below!


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Aren Schmidt says:

What is your favorite shoe to run in? I’m just looking for a good bang for your buck shoe that is comfortable to run in? Any recommendations

ma ch Si says:

please please please review saucony triumph iso 3 and freedom iso.

Gary Perkins says:

Please put some snippets of how the shoe looks on your feet running in the reviews

Adam Slater says:

You may be surprised by the durability, got almost 500 miles from the go run ultras, thought they were going to fall apart but they didn’t, uppers looked as new when they died and that was purely down to the eva sole wearing out. Highly underrated brand!

Laura Lara says:

So excited you reviewed these!!! I was holding off on trying them due to the sketcher’s stigma but I have been interested in giving them a go since Kara and Meb!

Cristian Chelaru says:

Durability, the biggest problem with Sketchers.

pegun says:

this or the terra kiger 3?

Patrick Hart says:

Are they waterproof / resistant?

Retirement 2031 says:

Do they fit true? Large? Small?

Domstertruck U.K. says:

Do a shoe by Saucony! I started in the Ride 9 and would love to know which direction to expand

Adrian Koumanelis says:

Really like your reviews, you should review the Merrell bare access 4

dino fox says:

It’s just so ugly not in to brands but damn schetchers just can’t stick with my new balance lol

HedgeFun35 says:

Are you growing out a mullet? I see a duck tail peaking out…

gosekinz says:

$59 with %10 off that is a 6 / 5 😀

Harry Quedenfeld says:

Looking forward to that film!

Nice video, keep ’em coming.

Yeah, I still have a hard time getting past the brand and the styling, but I’m glad to hear all the positives of the shoe experience. Reminds me when I was a kid- comfortable running shoes didn’t need to be expensive, I always got mine for 40-60 bucks. Hah.

FreeWheeler says:

YESSS 16/20 love it !!

cole alpaugh says:

Ethan, is there a link to a pic of your shoe collection? It must be getting massive. And cheers for another useful review.

Kathi Klady says:

tried skechers for a couple of times. The problem I’ve had in them: blisters, massive blisters 🙁

Nikon D3200 says:

Are they waterproof ?

Ricky Yosua says:

wow, that good?

Cali Domestique says:

Hey Ethan,
What are your thoughts about me ditching my Salomon Speedcross 3, and going to the GoTrail?

Josh Patrick says:

Still can’t bring myself to consider the brand. Not sure why.

Sifu Riaz says:

Would you be able to add the weight of the shoe in your reviews. It would be very useful to a lot of people. Maybe even just a number on the screen. Thanks

scottchris10sen says:

I’ve run about 175 miles in this shoe, including the TC Marathon, and it has held up fairly well with the outsole being the biggest wear point. Lots of long runs in very wet trail conditions along the Minnesota and Mississippi river bottoms and the shoe dries fairly quickly. Can get a little ankle roll at times so not the greatest for lateral stability. Had to size down a half size. Thank you GR for all the reviews and videos!

Anton Clark says:

Hey Ethan, is the new Saucony Freedom Iso on your radar for a possible future review? Would really be interested in your input on that guy.

Ben Zuehlsdorf says:

The GoRun 5 looks crazy awesome. I’m hoping you can review that shoe. Any plans?

TheBowerbird says:

They are one of the finest door to trail shoes out there. Superb transitions between road and trail. They are too soft for very fast movement over technical trail, but at normal paces they are nimble and protective enough to not be punishing.

Lacy Jinks says:

I WISH the large sizes came in half sizes :(. I LOVE the ultra road, but I need a 10.5.

MrSulastomo says:

Wow! I saw this shoes priced around USD 110 in my country

BlueTenorSax says:

In North America, Sketchers are affordable and people perceive as cheaper brand. But in Asia, Sketchers are on the same level as Reebok, New Balance in terms of price and quality. On the other hand, Mizuno in Asia is considered affordable.

I ran two marathons in sketchers, they are great but the outsole wears after 200km of use.

Antony Kurien Elenjikkal says:

I ran my first trail run 50k in these super comfy 🙂

TheGingerRunner says:

Not gonna lie, these surprised the crap out of me. Comfortable, nimble AND affordable? Decent option, here folks!

Russell Bainbridge says:

I’m glad to see someone else has their laces laced the way I do!

SoulFood Running says:

I’m running in GoTrail Ultra 3. They are by far the best long distance trail shoe I’ve wore, period. I’ve been searching for a cushioned shoe with a wide toe box and a 4 to 5 mm drop. The pronounced rocker aids you into a mid foot strike with a clean toe off. I agree, Skechers gave me the shits when I thought about the brand, but the price, and perfect balance of cush and ride have changed my mind. Give the brand another 2 years and it’ll be a major player as they get their fine tuning done.

Kevin Bowles says:

Hey, Ginger runner!!!!! Review the Saucony Freedom!

Peekingduck says:

At 59 dollars minus 10 % getting 100-150 miles out of it… that’s great deal ! ! !

Stewart G. says:

I have a pair, have put about 50kms on them so far and I agree with you!

andreas wijaya says:

Is it different version of go trail ultra 3?

Eli Pineda says:

Nubs on the lugs

tubesockets120v says:

What no mention of weight?

The GameChanger says:

can u do a review on the mafate speed 2?

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