Skechers Razor 3 Full Review, worth $130?

The Skechers Razor 3 is a surprise purchase and running shoe for me. In this video I will discuss the full review of the Skechers Razor 3. I discuss in the Skechers Razor 3 how the shoe performed at many distances, on different surfaces, and at different speeds. The price point of the Skechers Razor 3 is frankly something to cheer. With the price of high-end marathon racing shoes going up and up, it’s nice to have an option on the shelf like the Skechers Razor 3. Is the Skechers Razor 3 Hyper the best marathon racing shoe option, it is not, but it does give a legitimate option for folks who are trying not to break the bank in an attempt to run their first marathon, or even just to finish a marathon period. The Skechers Razor 3 would be perfect for a beginner marathon runner or a runner who simply does not want to destroy their legs in a marathon attempt. The midsole cushion is on point with respect to weight and comfort, the Skechers Razor 3 racing shoe just does not have the pop that you might hope for in a racing line up. Let us know your thoughts on the Skechers racing shoes down below.

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Brad Knez says:

Intrigued by this shoe. Looking for something different to do my workouts in cause I like to have a bit of cushion since I’ve been injured recently. Main issue I have is I only trust brands that are really built for how feet work naturally right now and I’m skeptical of sketchers. But this shoe is definitely tempting. It really looks like it’d be great. If anyone could comment on some of my concerns I’d be very grateful. Thanks!

Chris M says:

I’ve been running in Skechers longer than Meb! Love almost all of their models (GoRun, Ride, Razor, Ultra Road, Trail Ultra, etc). Favorite is the GoRun Ride series–including the current Ride 7. Excellent value for price, low drop, light, flexible shoes, with generally wide toe boxes. If not Skechers, I run in Altras (or lately, the NB Beacon).

Cameron Johnson says:

I think that crease only occurs if you tighten the laces a lot.

angelo rodriguez says:

I would really love to try the skechers go run ride 7 this year but I rarely buy running shoe at full price. I will wait a few months to have some sort of a discount but unfortunately the go run ride 7 is still in full price here in our country despite it is a year old shoe. So in the end I settled for a 50% off nike zoom Pegasus 35.

Luiz Alves says:

Skecher’s running shoes are great! They are cheaper than most of other brands, however their durability is not a strong point!

eric singer says:

I love the price of skechers, they’re very easy to be found on discount with 40, 50%off but these is problem- it feels cheap, the materials of the shoes doesn’t feel high quality. And there is one more big problem, god knows why but somehow most of the shoes reviewers always hyped up the skechers. And it fails me again and again. For example, I have a gomeb speed 5, you will not found any bad reviews about but a very positive high ratings. But I can give you my honest opinion it quite sucks, samething to go run ride 7, it doesn’t worth the hypes at all.

Kalie S says:

Value…I’m interested in what Skechers is doing but I don’t think I’d buy any existing models. I’ve seen some Zebra print ones that have the hyper foam on Instagram – it sounds like they are in development. I’d like to try the final output on that shoe whenever it comes out.

ontiretse Magome says:

Seek beauty , work hard and love eachother! Yes sir great review

aristodiga82 says:

The razor 3 is one of my dream shoe to be honest. Spec-wise, I could really use them for my type of run and race. Too bad you don’t seem to like it that much. But yeah, there’s no way I’d buy shoes like the vaporfly. I’m not trying to break any world records anyway :))

Rusty Daines says:

Just curious, if you state you’re going to be using these for mostly training what are you planning on lacing up on race day, 4%?

mttsmll says:

I love this shoe. I reach for it a lot. It’s just unfeasibly light for the cushion. Ok, the design is horrible but it turns it into a talking point. When people see this big, ugly shoe and then you tell them it’s 6oz, all that initial derision that you may get seems to evaporate immediately. As someone aiming for a 330 marathon I think it could be a race shoe. At this pace, I’m not sure I’m looking for responsiveness after 20 miles, I think I’m looking for weight and comfort. I’ve run a marathon in the NB Beacons. At 20 miles those were light and cushioned but they seemed to feel like marshmallow too. I could feel the energy loss. I have a feeling that won’t be the case with these. I would say I’ve not run the VaporFlys. I think paying $250 for 4% is a statement. Even though these say Speed on the side, I think I would feel more self-conscious wearing VaporFlys at 8:30/mile.

Gareth Freshwater says:

You would never catch me in a pair of these in a million years. I do hope these become popular though as they might just bring down the price of something I’d actually want to put on my feet 🙂

Doug Matthews says:

Value. Sketchers are definitely good value when you get them on discount. I have run in and enjoyed the GoRun 3,4,5. All purchased for under $50 a pair. For me they last about 300 miles/500 Km. Would be interested in the Razor 3 if they drop in price.

Jason Aberly says:


QD: I’d buy them, do you find them narrow?

Angie Stowe says:

Value. That sun while you were running was gorgeous. Hopefully Skechers can influence other running shoe company’s price. Great job! God bless.

Daniel Fogg says:

The uppers on Skechers have become way too voluminous in the recent models (especially the knit ones). I have major problems with them having loved the Razor 1 and GoRun 5. Both those were my go to shoes when I was training for my 2nd (and last) marathon. I raced in the GoMeb Speed 4s and while I would have enjoyed the cushion of the Razor, it was still a great racer.

walter burrell says:

I actually like my razor 3 more than my original Vaporflys.
Also – Turbos, reacts and yes even the Beacon!

Jim Clark says:

QD: love my Sketchers performance go run 5. Picked them up at the outlet for $30 USD. Hands down best bang for buck shoe I have ever owned.

Bruno Cassettari says:

Nice review. Great that you are decoupling the reviews from the daily vlog. More efficient this way and can capture a bigger audience I guess. Great work Seth!!!

J K says:

Its not clear that higher cadence is better.

Morgan says:

Go Run Ride 7 is my main shoe. It’s honestly as close to perfect for a 30 mile a weeker like myself.

todd boucher says:

Skechers – thumbs up
I bought last years razor 2 on left lane sports for $29
It come with sowed in insole then they give you another one for more cushion.
I bought this and it felt flat was planning to sell on eBay. But after 20 it opened up. Without the insole compared to NB Zanta.
I have a race or sped show I leave insole in for a everyday trainer. Have over 50 and it still looks and feels new. I think it’s a 300 mile shoe. Thinking later in year I’ll Chet razor 3 and the go run ride for easy. Get both for around $200.
I think you need to get used to a wider platform for a marathon show.

Bradley Rutledge says:

Very optimistic. I’d like to see how durable they are after 100-150 miles before buying. But definitely and option for my next training shoes.

Ronan McMahon-Staggs says:

Value. I have never worn stretchers running shoes

Jim Trost says:

Ran the Dallas marathon in 3:17 which is a tough course in my mind and plenty left in the tank for the last six miles. The Razor 3 is a do all shoe if you can get your hands on a pair. I started wearing the Go Meb razor’s two years ago and they don’t even come close to the razor 3. Yes i do have the cress in the toe box but does not affect me at all. Bottom line this shoe is my racing shoe all day every time.

Allen Leonard Fernandez says:

Thank you Seth for that comprehensive review on the Razor 3 Hyper from Skechers. Can’t wait to try them soon. By the way, I saw one of your earlier clips you were trying the Ravenna 9 from Brooks. It would be nice if you could also try and review for us the all new Ravenna 10 which uses guide rails as support. Bring on the Launch 6 as well please. Thank you and keep on rockin’. Cheers!

Chase Anspach says:

You can get the turbos on finish line for 120$ I would definitely get those instead of the razor 3s

ThorAxe says:

I’ve only done 54kms in my Skechers GoRun Ride 5 (mainly due to a huge shoe rotation) and I was pleasantly surprised by it’s comfort, light weight and versatility. However it is fairly ugly and I wish it wasn’t a 4mm drop.

Just Jesse says:

The Adidas Adios 4 is going for $140 right now, and the v3 is being sold for $70 on the adidas website. Has anybody compared the Adios to the Razor 3 yet?

OrangeWaffle says:

For me $130 is still definitely a lot of money. I would say buying old models of running shoes from previous years is the way to go, get shoes for as low as $30 – $80 that retail for $80-150.

4estrunr says:

I’ve run in the Skechers Go Run ultra road (version 1) and the Forza 3. I wear a men’s size 7.5 in all the Skechers shoes I’ve worn. (I’m a woman, but I want a wider midfoot platform. In women’s shoes, I’m usually a 8.5.) I just bought the Razor 3. The Razor 3 has unisex sizing, and I bought my usual size 7.5. The midfoot fits nicely, but the shoe seems slightly long and pointy; I don’t notice it while running. I was also worried about the crease across the toebox, but I don’t notice it while running either. I have the red, white, and blue color way. They look better in person than on the Web. So far, I really love this shoe. I can’t wait to see the next shoe Skechers produces.

Marek Prochera says:

Did anyone try compare them to pegasus turbo ? Is there any symilarity ?

Joey Carb says:

My first Skechers running shoe was the Ultra Road and I liked it a lot for my long runs. It looked heavy, and it really was but I just couldn’t get over the plush ride; retired it after 300mi. Second and present Skechers shoe is the Go Run 5 Houston. Got it for $60 around July last year. Some wear and tear showed up on the upper after 500km I think, but I’m still using it right now for tempo runs and long runs.

liam oak says:

I had a pair of skechers that had the same problem with the fabric creasing, it got so bad I got rid of the shoes after 50miles

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