Skechers Shape Ups vs MBT Shoes Review

Skechers Shape Ups are similar to MBTs, which one is better? I have a pair of MBT walking shoes in red and a pair of Sketchers Shape ups in black and I”m able to compare them side by side. The answer is not clear. One of them is better for an abdomimnal workout and the other one is better for your gluteals and thighs. Both are good options for exercise shoes, neither shoe is very cute.


Weketeke5678 says:


sakrajen1 says:

is mbtshoesclearances website sells real MBT? or fake ons
look at the prices

Kelsey Luo says:

i used to run in my skechers shape-ups, but that was before i did my research and realized what i was doing was completely stupid lol. i do find the shoes cute though 😛

TheBrandDetective says:

Great Video – I have just tried my first pair of MBT’s for my blog, the latest ARI shoe. Have a look on my channel, would like to hear wht you think? thanks x

Royal Beautee says:

Thanks. Very straight to the point. Helpful!

Happy Jordan says:

Hey u fuck bitch review some J’s bitch tf are skechers bitch

Rachel Taylor says:

I love my MBT’s had them for 4 yrs and I payed $360 AUD.

ingesumadre says:

I have the reebok easy tone and a sketcher trainers jus got them cause needed some comfortable shoes I spend all day stand and the sketchers are awesome !.

caroline4323 says:

I had a bad sciatica. It was blocked the way I couldn´t straighten up.
Walked or better shuffled along like a monkey for 2 days…
Wasn´t getting any better.
My friend drove me home where my MBTs were. Put them on, kept shuffling around the flat, making dinner, washing up etc. for about 3 hours when suddenly—– I could straighten up, bend back etc.
My friend who witnessed it went online right away and bought herself a pair of MBTs. Up to that monet she just didn´t believe me they were good (and has backaches).

MBTs are pure gold…

BraziliAna says:

Husband always spoil our fun! lol Only joking. I’ve just got a pair of skechers.

Blake Griffin says:

@Asiats1 jordans and nike = NASA computer

Dalvajady Oliveira says:

ah, esqueci de perguntar, posso encontrá-lo aqui no brasil?

yamiknight 54 says:

jordans over dem damn ol’ busted mbt’s or dem damn shape ups get some damn swagg

Vanessa Williams says:

I like Skechers shape up

SAM KO says:

I am using MBT since last two years. Amazing love it.

Sassymui8 says:

Skechers are 80% of MBT quality, but half the price. It’s good for those who can’t afford MBT

southsideblues says:

The Shape Ups are nothing but cheap copies of MBT shoes, though with one big difference; they do NOT have the same technology embedded in the sole!

The technology used by MBT is their invention based on tons of scientific researches. They have lots of independent studies confirming that the MBT indeed is helping your posture.

I’m simply a very satisfied MBT customer who bought an MBT about 10 years ago in Switzerland and the shoe still looks and feels great!

mrbarister says:

What you said about the sketchers, the instability, is what Reebok brags on with their Easytone line. The instability forces your muscles to work harder to keep you balanced. Sore muscles are a good indicator of a good work out, but the soreness should go away after a week or so of using the shoes. Your husband is mistaking muscles for joints. If your back or knees hurt, you’ve got the wrong shoes. It’s all a matter of preference and what makes you happy. They’re all like braces, fashionwise.:)

RunPJs says:

“Yes they bend” – shows off strength! lol

Catalin40Ro says:

For me Skechers work better.
I have back surgery with L5 disk removed.
After that I had pain for long distance walking and I need it to stop running for the same reason.
I was really worry about my health in absence of cardio exercises.
I tried both Skechers and MBT and I have to tell that Skechers made the difference.
The reason is that Skechers are lighter and offer better cushioning.
By comparison I have against MBT is that they are too stiff, heavy and cushioning is not very good.

Kyle Pullman says:

So hot

marajlize legaljuana says:

Skechers sued by state for FALSE ADVERTISING LOL the shoes have absolutely no toning/muscle gaining/health benefits what so ever ordered to pay 50 million dollars and no w I am on youtube watching all these reviews of people who are so stupid that they think theese shoes worked loooooooooooollllllllllll

pitthepwner says:

@PrivetCyan …..chicks……

Paul Lim says:

shapeups are awesome.  I’ve hoarded every last pair I can find on Amazon.  They are worth every penny I spent.  For those of us who need tons of cushioning, they rock.

Morris W says:

i got some black skechers shape ups thoses mbts sounds good but i always weare cowboy boots and switching to shape ups doses fell better but i want to try thoses mbts

Dalvajady Oliveira says:

achei lindo, mas não sei se é bom para caminhadas. pena que não tem tradução, ou mesmo legenda, não sei ler ou falar o inglês. alguém pode me responder ? meu inglês é mini-basico kkkkkkkkkkkk

nettietraas says:

I have a pair of both MBT and Sketchers……Started falling off of the sides of the Sketchers within a couple of months. twisting my angles……MBT’s I’ve had for at least 2 years and haven’t fallen of the sides feet remain firmly planted straight. They are very expensive….but any other shoes that I’ve paid $100. to $180 for, had to be replaced within 8 months..because I start getting shin splints….MBT’s are showing no signs of wear and no shin splints .

The Interviews of Beauty says:

the mbts they will repair the souls for life or something..just trying the sketchers at costco 50$..

tirnanog33 says:

I purchased a pair of mbt shoes in a prominent Dublin store (Arnotts)some years ago.
they have been worn only a few dozen times and are practically new.The soles have now split /cracked open in both shoes.
Given the expense of these shoes I am extremely unhappy with this problem and will not be replacing them again.
The shoe number is 7640121280311

Julia Bogucki says:


Eve Somerfield says:

those shoes are so unattractive…. oh my goodness

lebron james hairline says:

what are those

phlotographer says:

Have been wearing ONLY MBT’s for quite a number of years including sandals, casuals, dress and winter boots (9 pair in all). Would not wear anything else.

Mathew Garduno says:

nbts? 250 HELLL NO

Marty Taylor says:

professional input here… MBT’s and Sketchers are similar in appearance but are very different shoes. MBT’s are stiffer through the mid foot to support mid stance and toe off where as Sketchers have no stability anywhere in the shoe. MBT did the research and developed the shoe accordingly. Sketchers copied what they saw but neglected the inner workings of the shoe and caused alot of injuries because of it. Thus Sketchers gets sued and MBT does not. In my opinion MBTs are safer and they do work

Sassymui8 says:

MBT is great but for me it’s too heavy. Skechers are light weight, and mine lasted more than 4 years.

VassyCringe says:


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