Skechers Twinkle Toes Shoes Review by Flutterific!

Skechers Twinkle Toes, are light up shoes that are sparkly, unique, and fashionable. They are the perfect accessory to any outfit and can pretty much go with anything. Skechers have many varieties and colors to choose from. The possibilities are endless! They are very comfortable, good quality and are great for any sport or activity you choose to wear them for. The light up feature is not only fun, but is also great for night time too. It’s another Flutterific! item to buy or collect.


Maggie Jardine says:

Im sick

SyKe Kwiik says:

don’t have them but I hope I get them! nice kicks!!!! and for all of the haters, she’s the real g not your fake ass. she’s a real nigga

Lalaloopsy105 says:

I just got some yesterday in the mail

Pika Zard says:

I totally agree with you

yeet says:

are these good for basketball? i heard these are better than lebron 13s.

Soleil Indonesia says:

Mines Light Up

megastarburst18 says:

I love you Flutterific you’re so cute & funny

Adshaya Pageerathan says:

Nice,is there any types of boots like those?
My friend has those.

supersexyass says:

This is a smart kid. i couldnt talk like her at her age…

Nino Mesarina says:

Sketechers version of converse. Just with lights and pearls

Rebecca Garcia says:

the f***

Soleil Indonesia says:

Now I Have The One In A Color Whayever Stone

OhThats Kylie says:

I had the ones at 3:54 when I was little

Ana Breznik says:

You are crazy

Soleil Indonesia says:

Ngomong nya gayagayaan banget sih

tony nguyen says:


Sharon Thpmas says:

I just got some twinkle. toes

Felicia Rudolph says:

Love it

DG flawless says:

what r thoes

Carlos Ruiz says:

i go to the same park

MonsterOneOOne says:

I wish more people in the world were like her……..

Cindy Nastasha says:

how is your age?

Doge the mlg Quickscoper says:

Fake converse for 1996 kids?

Panda Goes Rawrr says:

I prefer DC’s >.>

kathleen fernandez says:

I have one but is sugarlicious.

Mimi Lu says:

I don’t have twinkle toes but I do have another skechers shoes. And I like your scooter. You are cute too.

Sharon Thpmas says:

hi all I’m trying to find out if you have any more shoes like that

shania younis says:

i have the sugarlisous one and the new one comes with dvd

rex 2 says:

This video= cringe

Emery Bingham says:

Wut is your real name

shaquita Bryant says:

I got a pair of twinkle toes love them

Zaini Hamsan says:

I have it

TuxyMamoru says:

Did anyone hear they help you with your homework!?

Burnt Mixtapes says:

she looks like dora bruh.

Alfredo Phillips says:

I feel bad for all gay nerdy kids

bruna do erre says:

love it

Richelle Agustin says:

I Have Shuffles-Flutter Up It Looks Pretty Cute On Mee

Soleil Indonesia says:

Now I Have Color Whatever

joaquin delacruz says:

I have this!

Obrisan Profil says:

I have Twinke Toes bear my auntie buy it for me!

Paul Spiers says:

Haha cool kid. I’m gonna buy my daughter these shoes.


ja tiene los dientes chuecos ja ja ja ja ja jan ajana amkanjab a

Awesome 23 says:

Well that’s another video but where did she go?

2006redflare says:

And that’s called taking care of your shoes…..NOT

Maggie Jardine says:

I love your videos

Raymundo Gonzales says:

and i have the socks to

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