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Today I review the infamous Skechers Adidas Yeezy Knockoff.


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JayZtunning says:

So who makes yeezys , ummm…. wats dat company name??

Conner Paulson says:

mark nasons probably making more money than you tho

zrill owll says:

wow. in movies we have chris stuckmann. in sneakers we have seth. love u.

JayZtunning says:

Sketchers wont stop lol

XtraCrispyRyan says:

“It just feels like you’re walking on hard concrete at all times…. and I love that”

Jund1and says:

Your best video yet. Respect!

Keith Arevalo says:

Very original

Jack Donkey says:


vincent893 says:

Fucking Sketchers

SilentNinja SixSevenOne says:

100k hair reveal

quinn says:

That is such a terrible color

Sacha P-T says:

Wearing a supreme knockoff at the same time u bashing Skechers lmao

Isaac 2416 says:

This review reminds me of that iCarly episode

Mark Sauer says:

Let me know why is he sweating

OmarYT says:

Still not better then the light up sketchers.

iBasedPvp says:

you talk about copyin niggas, yet you are using royalty free music … boi you dumb as fuck

John Bugajski says:

Its sad how a knockoff yeezy doesn’t even look good

YodaIAm69 says:

90 fucking dollars ?!?

André Staalesen says:

sarcasm got unfunny after 2 min

TheEliminator says:

Your Zebras in the back kinda look fake.

Jarod Pollaro says:

instantly copped a pair 12 minutes after watching this video, thanks seth

Seth Fowler says:

Thanks for watching! Share the vid if you liked it!

Simeon Leppanen says:

What are those

K Villen says:

Is the center stitch printed on?


for all those saying sketchers make shoes that look like the authentic so people have them for cheap

replica yeezys have been made so shut the fuck up

K Villen says:

This aggravates me

Yeezy Review says:

Skechers didn’t just rip off adidas they also ripped off Nike by having Skechers “AIR”!!!!

Weebea says:


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