Today I’m reviewing another Skechers Yeezy knock off….and its worse!

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RubixTheBrute says:

I actually like this design more than the yeezy

Yannick Gaming says:

This pice of crap’s shoe color looks like the nmd glitch camo pk

RuinRiptide says:

I have those exact pair there only $55

W_Y_Y_Y yy says:

TBH these look clean on feet (if u r not into the sneaker culture lol)

Plazmatized says:

What are those?

ghostbabyjuan 1234 says:

I want them lol where do you get them

Buildpucipuci02 says:


Joshua Vargas says:

These look like these are from

Braiden Halabashtamy says:

this guy sounds like he is trying so hard to sound a certain way when he talks, get a bit sick of his voice after a while

Luc Maguire says:

omg it actually works

1. hold breath for 10 minutes

2. die

Miguel Sanchez says:

He looks like yeezy busta to me :/

Elijah says:

Lmao whats funny is that sketches sells more shoes per year than Adidas

Hugppyz says:

I’d cop if a different brand and color

Jesus Jesus says:

Damn someone’s salty… maybe cause he spent a stupid amount of money on the original ones?

Isa Loggins says:


Seth Fowler says:

Thanks for watching! Share if you like it!

Ethan Mallari says:

“thats there to remind you that you are wearing trash” LMAO

Laced Up Grace says:

Keep dropping the hot content.

Xastic says:

lol these yeezys look like the sketchers they made

Naughtysauce says:

Why are crackers all of a sudden becoming sneaker heads? This hobby used to be exclusive to Niggers & Chinks

Spongebob says:

Why are you calling these trash o got these they are comfortable I don’t appreciate what you said about this

Nabeel Chowdhury says:

Wear it in public

Gucci Gang says:


rican boi jay ovo squad says:

Oh nawww

Mitchel Reasoner says:

Looks like yeezy busta

Chilito1220 says:


The Wolf says:

Anyone who thinks yeezys look good, is a hypebeast. these are trash and yeezys are trash.

Axel Ventura the boss says:

How to roast skechers… The legal way

rιι says:

2:58 Seth FowlerGoat

Cyn R561 says:

I love that you review allll brands

Playboi Carti's Sock says:

I have successfully spent the whole day binge watching Seth Fowler videos

anwar cabrito says:

those are fake yeezy

Nik Varga says:

and that’s just there to remind you that you’re wearing trash

Freddy Fox 500 says:

You shoes kids are tools

Bonnie & Clyde Ride says:

It’s weird but they look kind of nice from the back view..

FrostyVlogs says:

bro, you got ripped off! those aren’t authentic

Angela Oakes says:

Those shoes are hot steaming trash. Skechers ought to be ashamed of themselves.

Rory Phelan says:

Your voice is annoying

Spongebob says:

I don’t know what yeezys are

Always Football says:

I don’t like this guy

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