STOP LAUGHING AT ME! [Skechers Unboxing]

Leave my Skechers alone. I love them.
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Alaric Borgia says:

Honestly those are the only Skechers that are not super cheap plastic

lambo owner says:

fuck skechers

Ando Yuki says:

Brings you back memories so thats why u wear sketcher because u love being young

Israil Kassim says:


Gordo Calderon says:

I got a question for you ? what are those

Bobby Johnson says:

The God Shoes

danniell 123 says:

you never tried a balenciaga

OBOP Productions says:

I can laugh at u

GabrahamK77 says:

Have you tried Yeezys??

Gmngvlogs &MORE says:

Jordan hat and sketchers…


Andrew Hernandez says:

Try adidas boost
Any adidas boost shoe

The harvester Of souls says:

What do you mean don’t laugh at me?

SònicZXGAMER [Official] says:

i aint laughing at ur sketchers awesome

Naheem Cawthon says:

what are those!!!!!!!!!???????

myladyash says:

I own almost sneakers from every brand on this earth, high end or affordable ones like skechers and I never felt anything as comfortable! And when my friend visited me from abroad and we had to do a lot of walking, I had to push him to buy a pair so he won’t be complaining about walking too much, I don’t know why people think of skechers as a bad thing to wear, I honestly don’t know, I compare them to adidas and I find them more comfortable than adidas..

Samuel Rivera says:

atleast its better than yeezys that cost so much for no reason, my mom wears skechers and i dont care

Elijah Johnson says:

Yeezy unboxing ? Nah bruh the new sketchers

Daniela Melendez says:

Stop. Its. Not. Funny. Its. Shose. Dum

Javii Pagan says:

Sup Lamarr. Whats the model of these shoes. I too need some comfy shoes 🙂 Trying to find these your showing, but can’t find them. Thanks Man!

Paul Leviste says:

i have that same one your older black pair, and a sketchers go flex, its the same look but much trimmed, AND they are both comfortable =D AND THEY ROCK!! ^o^

Elijah Johnson says:

You ain’t never tried adidas ultra boosts or nmds before

Charles Bickham says:

Them are awsome shoes lammar

Danny Maldonado Jr says:

I wear them too, the cheaper ones of course but they are comfortable. The ones they sell in a superstore for around 12 bucks…

Cake Shark says:

Sneakerheads think that shoe brand are everything, have any of you guys tried skechers, they are comfortable and afordable shoes, i wear jordans and nikes but gave skechers a shot and i loved them

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