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About Heskicks: Hes Kicks is a sneaker Youtuber that owns the sneaker blog site Heskicks reviews sneakers and posts sneaker related discussion videos. Heskicks has been collecting sneakers since 2003, and is an avid fan of anything sneaker related.

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Top 5 Skechers Rip Offs:
Runner Up- Spring Blade / Mega Blade, & Toms / Bobs, Air Monarch / Haniger
#5 – Nike Free / Flex – Flex Sole $130 vs $70 an obvious bite from the Nike Free midsole technology.

#4 – Nike Air Max / Skech-Air Supreme $180 vs $105. Not a supreme shoe, or collab. Skech-Air tho, really? Just Shamefull.

#3 – Stan Smiths / Onyx – $90 vs $65 Adidas took Skechers to court and won, they had to remove the product from shelves.

#2 – Boost / Flyknit / Burst $180 / $65 – “Flat knit” mesh one piece fabric upper. Burst Compound midsole with superior impact cushioning protection and remarkable energy return. Soft responsive Burst Compound allows maximum flexibility and is extremely light weight

#1 – Yeezy / Modern Jogger – $220 vs $90 Soft SportKnit mesh Fabric upper. “Stitching accents”. Terrible just Terrible.

Burst / Boost, Skechers Air Supreme


The Dodger says:

Skechers actually have some great running shoes in the gorun and go trail series… so it’s funny to see this other side of their company.

edd gutierrez says:

I have no shame in buying skechers cus some of the real shoes are too expensive for me so yaeh

biggbadgam3r says:

Got a skeschers ad on this

Iq says:

Exactly why I hate sketchers

shahid shah says:

In Kenya skechers cost more than a pair of nike

ThereIs NoGod says:

Sketchy skechers

Budget Beast says:

Fuck sketchers

hamboi UwU says:

i feel like i can justify my hatred for skechers now besides “they’re ugly and umcomfortable” heh

Psychotic Dog says:

0:19 best sneakers to have sex in

Leo Berghoff says:

um bro thats the beluga v1 not v2

SV_ Lamborghini says:

Ultra boosts are acually 150 not 80

brxer says:

Top 5 sneakers to have sex in

Michael Opnv says:

Sketchers stealing those shoes is pretty… sketchy.

Dylan Forbes says:

I hate sketcher’d they only Copy others

Sebi :D says:

Lol i actually had the nike free rip offs
What i can say about them the fit is complete shit ant the sole is comfortable but your foot just moves around too much :/

Someone else says:

Why you’re doing this some people like Skechers just buy what you want and like it’s not hard.

Jesse Wilson says:

Do you plebs even know Nike owns sketchers? Lol

R.I.P X says:

It’s not sketchers it’s sketchy

Ghost CAT says:

Sketchers tear easy not best brand just saying not that durable weak fibers it’s really not worth it

Jesus Christ says:

It is fucking stupid to call a cheaper shoe brand a knockoff example

Jubei Kibagami says:

Wow what a bunch of posers.

Muddflappa says:

Yay black folk!

Jessica Rubio says:

Sketchers is a horrible brand their cheap and have zero creativity and ripoff other brands

sandika wijaya aji says:

Is it okay knockoffs from other sneaker brands? No sue?

BlueGaming321 says:

Sketchers sucks

Josef Stalin says:

There is a pair of shoes called the Stan Smith? What’s next the peter griffins and the homer simpsons?

Carter Bragdon says:

skecher is litterly trying to break from the sketchers glow thing

Colm Gallagher says:

Who am I gonna go out with? nothing ( your clam ):

Cod Lak says:

Top 5 nmd rip offs

The Cat Ate My Shoe says:

Skechers….what can I say? I’ve noticed the rip-off-ness of them. It seems that they have no unique ideas of their own. I’d rather go barefoot in 3 feet of snow then wear Skechers.

Gamner Qc says:

Ayeezy rip off

Gary Ko says:


Alicia Ruhkala says:

I’m he said that ultraboosts were 80 dollars

Graham Gustavson says:

“Compared to the $80 of the adidas ultraboost” I don’t where you get your shoes but I have never seen any ultraboost for $80

LTSitze 12 says:

I saw some one whering those and I exposed him for whereing fake yezzys and telling me that they were real

Lgnd_Tony69 says:

vans are better than sketchers

Namo Loke says:

When popular brands do similar shoes si everyone complains but then there is sketchers who do it and no one cares lol

Gary Ko says:


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