Triathlon Running Shoes: Skechers GoMeb Speed 4 vs GoMeb Razor vs GoRun5

Triathlon Taren explains why he thinks the Skechers GoMeb Speed 4, the Skechers GoMeb Razor, and the Skechers GoRun5 are some of the best triathlon running shoes out there in 2017.

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Jorre van de weyer says:

I have like one ankle that’s a bit weak so i train on shoes that support it really well now but when i run with other shoes that not support my ankle enough my knee and ankle start to ache
so my question is if is should run my races on the shoe thats supports my ankle or on the lighter more agressive shoe that hurts me a bit

capybaras says:

Been catching up on your vids, production quality is really getting up there! Looks like these are all on the website. Did you buy them or did sketchers give them to you? One of them is $140 usd, so not super cheap. What makes them good tri shoes BTW? (specifically for tri)

fralican says:

Thanks Taren. I am morbidly obese (110 kg for 5’6”) and starting Couch to 5K. In summer I bike and swim, so that’s why I’m following your channel. Do you have any ideas on proper running technique for obese runners? I mean for now I don’t know if I can really call it running, more of a slightly accelerated shuffle lol. But I’m determined to get there. And proper running shoes? Does weight affect whether I should go for a more built-up heel? I don’t want to injure myself before I even get off the ground. Thanks.

Ben White says:

Spotify recommendation, the best!

Trevor Clark says:

How stiff is the razor. I run in the Mazzu no riders because it really stiff but it’s a freaking heavy shoe. I have still ran good times off the bike 1:26hour for 21.1 km just feel like I be racing in a lighter shoe. but I need something really stiff.

Trevor Clark says:

How Steph is the razor

theweekender25 says:

disclaimer: goMeb does not make you as fast as meb, I put them on and I’m still slow

Lasse Karrasch says:

You don’t need to be that old to know/like that kind of music 😉

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