1 Big Secret About Pros Soccer Cleats That Big Brands Are Hiding!

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Scott Palmer says:

Brilliant Video!

Trí Mai says:

Hi Josh, I wonder which is wider between Copa 17 and Rebula v1

GameStriker500 says:

Josh how do u find those sample sales

david Valdivia says:

its all china production !!

skgm says:

Dead space. It affects my touch

Moises Alas says:

Look at Messi’s boots. They are modified on the upper, you can see a sort of tongue.

David Lilian says:

What about for players who are not under contract with a brand? Do they still get custom fitted shoes when they’re trying out a variety (i.e. Dybala) or are they wearing retail versions?

Max Reis says:

Hey, Josh! The Nike tiempox proximo II was launched.. You must see it and review it!

isaac Rodriguez says:

Do they do the same thing with goalie gloves too


which brand do u prefer to wear on the pitch

Adi stark says:

Paul scholes made his mind up to come out of retirement , then realised he’d given away his old boots and that the scruffy ones he’d been using while working with United’s kids wouldn’t be fit for purpose.

“Did he immediately phone Nike or adidas to sort out a few free pairs and a lucrative sponsorship deal?

“No – he headed to JJB Sports and bought a pair of ‘match fit’ boots. For £40.”

Markc Ody says:

You know more about football than any North American I’ve ever met 🙂 Most Irish and English too! Great channel. Thanks!

Mattborg &Ckbacon says:

I herd Most MLS players wear retail Issue cleats I’m not sure can some one clarify

That One Russian says:

This happens in literally every sport. This isn’t “new” or anything. And definitely isn’t exclusive to football.

In tennis, players have custom rackets which cost thousands instead of a couple hundred.

In skiing. They get skis which have almost no error permutations compared to what you could buy from a store.

Just a few examples

Darragh Duffy says:


saad belgazzar says:

Then why does Coutinho had to poke holes in his, doesn’t Nike make custom boots for him?

StrungBuckle 726 says:

I’m willing to spend about 140 dollars on shoes which ones should I get I need good recommendations

Moises Delgado says:

Hey Josh why is the tiempo legend 7 not available for customization on Nike is only the ligera IV?

Waco Texas Soccer Bros says:

Yo may I have the cleats that you don’t have in need or use?

Trending Nicky says:

Hey matt is it weird that on the pitch I have great touch, speed, awareness etc. but ever since a young age I haven’t been the best at juggling, should I take time to practice juggling, will it benefit me or should I just keep doing what I’m doing

Tarang Singh Mukherjee says:

I have a flat foot….. Which kind should I get?

Alexander .Lanza says:

I think only top tier player get custom cleats, low tier players wear retail.

KD Film Productions says:

Hey josh could you do a Umbro GT pro review.

Ahmed Al-Bayati says:

Aren’t they also made in their special montebelluna factory

joe cullen says:

Favourite YouTuber josh keep it up

matthew ball says:

Hi Josh!
Which boot do you prefer?
Adidas ace 16.1 primeknit or the adidas 16+ purechaos???

Tommy chenevert says:

Hi Josh should I spend the money and jet the c6 agility shin guards or should I get the Nike fly lite shin guards?

Captain Tsubasa 10 says:

Josh, you can order custom Mizuno Morelias from Japan. You can pick the stitching, loose or tight, wide or regular, short tongue or floppy tongue. I have a pair and a few of my friends have done it too. They take 30 days to arrive, let me know if you wanted to do that and I’ll tell you how to do it

Lujain Almoheb says:

Your smart

Hussein Ali Mohammed Salihah says:

give Us your Opinion in World Cup Ye (:

Miguel Delgado says:

Can you do a review of the Pirma soccer cleats.

Silas Demone says:

For Magista, Mercurial, Hypervenom, what order do they go in from narrow to widest?

Rubens Braun says:

I actualy saw in the TV, a couple years ago a program that showed nike’s italy hand made cleat production and how they made pros foot modeling and showing the hand made production, it was really interesting.

Michu SR says:

Josh, have you tried NB Furon with both standard (D) and wide (2E) fit and to compare the difference in width of the shoe

If so, are there chances of bigger boot brands (adidas,Nike and Puma) trying to give it a go?

Alex Yip says:

This explains why many pros wear purecontrols. They’re molded perfectly so they fit really well and increase the responsiveness.

Artaxerxes says:

This is pretty fucking obvious. Players will obviously want a custom made boot. Even if it means paying a fuck ton of cash. But you explained it well. Cheers

Ociel Solano says:

i know this has nothing to do with this certain video but do the Nike tiempo legend 7 also need leather cream?

Keller Hill soccer says:

My mom played pro soccer so I knew this since I was 6

Lucky Seven says:

Youtube changed

Frank Medellin says:

Josh I love your vids! Keep up the great work!

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