Football Boot Hacks seem to be the latest trend, and while there are certain tricks that you can do to improve comfort and help with certain things, most of these so called “hacks” are fairly useless. Some of the most popular ones, can actually play a part in destroying your soccer cleats! Find which ones you should avoid and why!

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Dillon Kroll says:

Don’t do the warm water trick just deep fry them instead

Logan_was_here says:

Josh: Let’s educate people about soccer cleats.
Also Josh: “Spends two minutes explaining what laces do and how to mummify soccer cleats”

WreckmastaRCP says:

When will you do a review on the low cut Puma Future?

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

I was honestly unaware the freezing trick was bad for boots. I have oddly shaped feet and try and do it to help my toes fit comfortably….

Andrew Heading says:

I tried the freezer trick on Ace 15.1 which didnt work (they seem tougher than many newer synth boots and still trying to find a way to make them fit…

Manuel Mourato says:

The freeze trick results!

Sumit Jha says:

Josh, I love your washing machines

Uchiha Madara says:

Yay another video

Otto Taskinen says:

Should i buy the tiempo legacy 3 or the tiempo legend 6?

Marlon Rubio says:

You should make a video on how to properly clean your boots

Chavy X says:

Hey josh when you test the comfort or play with the cleats do you wear thick or thin socks?

Z.S.2 Soccer Videos says:

Intro was beautiful

HkyRich says:

About time someone called out that stupid footbal boots channel. Those guys are actual retards.

罗焱升 says:

It sounds the wide feet guys would be the only way to help breaking in the new boots .

Grace Kashura says:

Great vid

Abb Bee says:

Before: hit like after the reviews
Now: hit like after the intros

Matthew Kobylarz says:

Honestly the football channels that tout this stuff need a serious slap down.

Pixel Donkey says:

I gave the 401st like

The all-rounder7 says:

that pyramid was really cute.

Daisy1234567898 says:

Hey josh, I’ve had this issue about tightness in my pair of predator 18+’s which is even weirder since I went a half size up on them. Not even vapors fit me that tight, which I wear my normal size 13. Any tips for this? So far the only thing that’s helped has been to take out the insole, but I don’t know how helpful that’ll be in the long run

Mohammad Tila says:

IMO the hot water trick helps in soften the upper and I understand what you mean by the problems of hot water but what about warm water , their is a difference

Jon Pineda says:

Anybody else hate the channel Football Boots with those Australian guys?

James O'Dowd says:

Love the sarcastic piss take at the start keep it up Josh

Clorox Bleach says:

Hey josh I tried the mummification trick before and it worked!

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