5 Things I Hate About Nike Soccer Cleats/Football Boots

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Sal says:

great vid, great knowledge… honest and real and just adds to your credibility as a reviewer especially considering all of these gripes are legitimate constrictive criticism.

doing the same for other brands or maybe boot or industry trends or time periods like industry trends you hated or liked/loved for 2016 would be interesting too…

great work!

graham alford says:

nike over priced poor durailbilty boots adidas all day for me

Matteo Chiapparicci says:

IMO all the thing you say are right but the truth is that Nike, from thei point of view is doing really well beacause for example thanks to the ACC or the prices being so high they’re making more money so yes, for us(buying the shoe) is not that good but they are really good from an economic point of view

Zach Pierce says:

I would buy 3 pairs of SF 4’s if I could….I own one pair and they are by far the best boots I’ve played in.

mark cruz says:

I would love for you to do videos about other brands in addition to nike and then if you could do one about the things you love.

Cam Sook says:

With these types of videos it would be good if you could bring up an image of the boot about which you are talking, loved the video.

rayF says:

do adidas

Jordan Brown says:

I personally hate the durability of Nike cleats. They don’t even last the entire season in some cases. I bought the Superfly 4 when they launched, and they ripped in multiple places by the end of my club season, meaning I could only use them effectively 5 months. About half of the shoe lace holes ripped and the laces ripped in 3 months. I also see my friends who got tiempos having to get new cleats halfway through the season. Because of this, I switched to the Ace 15+ primeknit, and they haven’t been destroyed yet. There is only a few small holes in the inside liner. If Nike cleats were more durable, they wouldn’t make as much money, so I just view Nike soccer as one of the biggest soccer scamming companies since 2015. What do you think Josh?

Ryan Washington says:

I really like this video.

Daniel Terreaux says:

I just brought the nike hypervenom phinish for 80$ I’m so happy

Leo Best says:

plzzz make another vid like this but Adidas. I absolutely loved this

Niko Perez says:

The only real reason I even notice the acc is to tell apart the top end models to the cheaper ones

ballyoulsterboy says:

Up until the last few years since they ditched the leather uppers(on the high end ones…) I only wore adidas boots.

I’ve started to lean towards Nike though for the Magista 1s. It kinda hurts me to go against adidas but they just aren’t making anything that takes my fancy at all.

Without going into specific details about the actual boots I kinda see it like BMW vs Mercedes.
Mercs are great cars, but I’d personally rather drive a BMW…

Chantal Reina says:

about the ACC on the nike cleats i do believe it makes a difference cause i have a 20 dollar magista cause they were on sale, also i have an 80 dollar pair and my 200 dollar Opus with the ACC, and one time i was playing under a literal storm, i couldnt even see the ball and i was on my cheap cleats and the touch on the ball was just the worst cause it was slippery, so i changed to my Opus and the touch felt a lot better, it wasnt perfect but at least the control i had over the ball increased.

Emma moss pérez says:

yeah I agree with your points. I do find it annoying how the main focus is on the mid cut boots, I find the low cut boots more comfortable.

Zach Pierce says:

I like these videos, agree with everything you said completely.

Antonio Torres says:

On my Nike hypervenom phantom 2 the sock part ripped

Sean Petersen says:

Definitely like these videos. You should do more. I think it helps dilute the stigma that both big name companies carry with them. I believe too many people think whatever Nike and Adidas put out is perfect which isn’t the case. Also I think it helps to make people more open minded.

Meto Msto says:

I hate Nike because the sole wears off so quick and i can’t afford a new cleat every month

miguelvelasquez303 says:

I have a strange feeling that these prices will eventually hike up to $400. Who thinks so? If so i guess i will stick to older models. I’m calling it in 2017, when this happens in a few years i will shake my hair in disappointed.

wampa yumyumz says:

Actually, the mid cut football boots help me A LOT. Idk why, but it just feels like a big sock, and I love it. Never have been able to go back to low cut football boots.

WanWood Sniper says:

I honestly only really like Nike because i can return them if they get damaged and i save lots of money in the long run

Knud G. Ferdinand says:

they got rid of the t90. thats the one thing i truly hate

Issac Medina says:

Can you review the new hypervenoms are they worth?

GingaNinja23 says:

Anyone know a website where I could pick up a new pair of Tiempo Legend 5’s? Got the Legend 6’s when they came out and have been wearing my old Legend 5’s as I was not a fan of the new version. Looking for a new pair as they are looking rough now. Thanks in advance.

Raul Gonzalez says:

I have X15’s right now and, well they’re at their end, which boots should I get that are good in comfort and stability? I’ve been personally looking into the Magista Obra 2.

Eric Martinez says:

What Brand Do you preffer?

Marlon Bryan says:

My major gripe with Nike is how narrow their shoes are. As a wide-footed player, Nike Tiempos were a solid option but now their product lines are sized so narrow that I have to experiment… Adidas Copas are great but they get heavy.. Puma kings aren’t what they used to be and give way very quickly… and now I’ve recently discovered Asics which seem to be holding up so far. *knock on wood *

Paolo Gibe says:

I just bought Vapor XI CR7 chapter 3 and the outsole ripped after the first match :/

okalanwa nnamdi David says:

please post more videos on other brands as well, my bet is nike expects to much for so less

Rafael Luis says:

can you do a similar video but with Adidas?

cr7franco says:

thx for saving us from wasting our hard earned money on silly marketing tactics

EZLN says:

All of this is capitalism Josh. Got to keep them profits coming. Best way is marketing useless shit like a dynamic fit sock.

George Watson says:

I think it was bad for pros but not for an average consumer.

Carlos Martin says:

Good to hear your thoughts, backed by intellect too

mark cruz says:

josh thank you very much for this video i loved it

Derek Yepez says:

I like both companies in general

Ravi Patel says:

the one thing I hate about nike is the durability. I bought my son the magista ondas and at the end of the season they ripped. I owned a pair of the old variation and they were perfect, definitely my go to pair. So then I bought a pair of the new ones and they also ripped very easily.

alexis valle says:

Got some superfly 5 for $80

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