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We get plenty of limited edition football boots these days, and almost all of them come with a hiked up price tag. The 25 Years of Predator Pack from Adidas is no different, but unlike most LE releases, in my opinion, these are worth every penny! $350, $700 if you buy both, gets you either the Zidane 1998 Predator Accelerator in Gold or the Beckham 2001 Predator Precision in the iconic White, Red and Silver! Both being 1 to 1 remakes of the original uppers, kangaroo leather and all, sitting on the Boost lined soleplate from the current Predator 19+. In today’s video we take a closer look at both boots in this pack, as I go over why these very expensive boots are definitely worth the money if you’re looking for that OG Predator experience! Which one would you pick?

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Transporte De Los Jazmines says:

Los amo. Son hermosos. Hace 2 semanas compré los predator 19.1 y me lastiman los pies. Me esta costando amoldarlos. Pero estos son tremendos, muy caros eso si. Me gustaria q hagan una versión de los negros con rojo, y las 3 tiras blancas. Me muero.

Braxton Meloon says:

I have original presicsions

Ku Cj says:

I just bought 3 pairs of each . I thought they’d sell out and they’re still available 🙁

izolaGAMING says:


Charles Liu says:

The goal against Greece was not in the World Cup, it was in the qualifiers.

Luis Gonzalez says:


9soccerplayr says:

of course the day i decide to get the original powerswerves on ebay for $340 looking for a classic predator adidas drops these 2 weeks later…

Luke Cheng says:

For the Zidane boots in the pop up, you can see Jose’s reflection in the sole plate lol

AVSB Gaming says:

Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 MIJ is still king

dreZvynDE says:

fing overhyped preds, I cant see them anymore, how many more remakes are they gonna make?

WhiyuMario3 says:

Are you going to do a review on the trainers ?

Vince D says:

These boots are so ugly

bru bru lani says:

Ag stud pattern would be so lit


Nah i am sticking to my GOOD old *ziPPeR sHoES*

Tom Y says:

I want to wear these but for 350………glass box is where they’ll go

Yolofox says:

Do you want to have the 99g adidas Boots in your Collection?

Seungmoon Jung says:

Way Toooooooooooo expensive… I love the old fashion cleats though…

Ex Wilder fanboi says:

Back in the days these boots cost around $150 max. They’re so overpriced nowadays..

José Magno, Jr. says:

Gotta admit, they do look good on your feet

Anonymous Beats says:

Anonymous Beats for beats

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

I wish they were not $350. 220us is already absurd

RealMionte : The Cringeworthiest GamerTM says:

Why is everyone so stupid???”NO AcC tHeY ArE tRaSh”.Bunch of imbeciles.Why do you think Zidane’s boots are called the ACCelerator??And Beckham’s preds have ACC but you can’t see it.

Taylan Aplar says:

I love how you talked about the playing experience being so unique to what we get from modern boots. While not as old a boot as these I played in my SG Mercurial Vapor 5s last year and while not as fun an experience. The uniqueness of it was so cool

Suvad Dervisevic says:

Josh have you ever heard of // tried to the Adidas Manado TRX FG ?

Alessandro Zecchino says:

Jacobbe, how bulky are those boots from 1.7 to ACC?

Dennis Man says:

Where the ankle suport?

DJ.W says:

Hey Jacques quick question, I bought a Nike tiempo legend vii elite online from the Nike store at a discounted price but I didn’t get a string bag with it, do u know why?

Jun Jiang Ng says:

Hi Josh, any difference between these Zidane accelerators compared to the ones which were released last year in the electricity yellow colorway and the black red and white ones?

Piotr Iwaszkiewicz says:

Can someone explain what is the ugly flip tongue actually for? Does it have any purpose?

Saaleh499 says:

$1 fee for looking at them.

Mr.dopedove 417 says:

Ooooooooo nice

Zichun Yan says:

2:42 epic!

Mehrab Saleh says:


Archie Nix says:

Seven hundredth comment bois

Riquelme says:

Brings back memories! Had them both. The accelerator is by far the coolest predator ever made. Took them to bed almost. I really looked the shit playing them in youth leagues. The precision I had in the blue edition. Nice Shoe but remember the studs were magnesium and bad Quality . Also the tongue had velcro to stay down.. that didn’t work Well with gras and mudd

TheJosephhomere13 says:

Not worth $350 in my opinion. I hope the T90 lasers aren’t going to be this steep.

Danyal Khan says:

Legend still says that Josh’s elbow still cracks

EVO ACC says:

Review adi f50 gold messi wear

Blizzi ¿ says:

These are ugly af

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