A Better Way of Lacing Your Football Boots/Soccer Cleats – Life Hack

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Thanks its lovely.

KID. says:

Josh could you do a variation of this with a runners knot in the top? I wear the x15.1 and as you know the heel slippage is a problem I got these for £40 the other day for a bargain how would do such a thing

Salt Dude says:

hey josh new pack from nike time to shine arr they limited

Dj Ultra says:

Will this work on wide feet? For example my feet are wide, so I can’t use speed cleats, because they hurt my plant of the feet

Bullz Eye says:

just gimme dos shoes sitting behind you

the hasty gamer says:

The lace system actually feels really good


wow that’s so cool! is it possible to “personalise” your lacing system however we want?


Will this work with Messi 16.1

dave126 says:

You could make a video, why you see some smaller brands riveting their soleplates to the upper of their boots (like Mizuno, Sondico…) and why you never see some of the big brands doing this (Nike, Adidas, Puma). Is it really that much more difficult to produce their boots, or do they not want their boots to be as durable as they could be? Because after all, sole seperation is the main reason for my boots to break down 90% of the time. It would be interesting to hear your opinion on this topic!

Faraan Faruqi says:

Real nice I tried it on the 16.3 primish

Kalim Maclou says:

This is so gooooood holy, thank you so much I just used it in a game and it’s so good thank you so much for this video ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Sammy Quiterio says:

can you do one with hypervenom 3

Vintage Perez says:

Is it doable on adidas primemesh 17.3

Abubakr Chalid says:

Josh, please make more videos like this

Badabim Badabom says:

Josh, can you make a video about the best knot for football boots?

Aswaghosh Ashosh says:

how do we do it on messi 16.1

Justin Manalo says:

You made the lock near the bottom of the lace system is it possible to push it upwards if the lace system allows it?

Jonathan Rodriguez says:

it is definitely interesting, but I never have really noticed my boots losing any kind of tension. I will give it a shot though! Will report back after a few training sessions

Lucas Mondejar says:

How would you do it in the tiempo line? Would you start right from the bottom or would you skip one and then do it?

Jason Cole says:

Hypervenom 3 or pure chaos any reasons for your choice and this would make a good ‘pick one video’ many thanks

NorwegianKicks says:

Looks interesting. Gonna give it a try later today 🙂

powerjd says:

Thank you so much! Now my wife feet can finally fit comfortably in my hypervenoms

burdledoo98 says:

Is it possible to do this with my nike total90 laser ii? Haha

Charlie Sheehan says:

Just got pure chaos’s for 130 euro

Sulayman Syed says:

I tried this method at training today, and it was alot better than the usual because of what ou said in the video, but I kept on forgetting the order for tightening them, great idea!

GiBBaNa HD says:

My Old puma speeds were laced like this

Rocco Strangio says:

Have you tried this lacing system on the Hypervenoms? I’m curious to see if it would be effective.

SAMBA says:

Could I do this on the x16+ purechaos?

renzo rettis says:

Copyright this

Brenden Caggia says:


Runty games says:

whats better adidas ace 15.1 or 16.1

GSicKz says:

amazing trick, amazing video josh, thank you so much!

MatteusS07 says:

wow this video is so great thanks josh

john stone says:

josh can you make a video on what to do if your football boot laces are short

HeyItsGeo says:

plzzz do more life hacks for football in general

linus wong says:

Oh my god, josh is a genius,not only at boots, even at laces

Jonathan Michlick says:

this is absolutly amzing!! I´ve tried this on my adidas x15.1 and it feels so much tighter than bevore! Huge thank you and do more ´´Football life hacks´´ in the future

Gerardo Munoz Esquivel says:

Goddamnit josh, its 12 am and now I have to get up and lace my shoes like this

jack Kavanagh says:

Going to try this in my match tomorrow.

Jesus Villarreal says:

It’s too hard on the superfly 4

Football Reviews says:

Nice !!!

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