Adidas Nemeziz 17.1 Play Test + Free Kicks Review – Are They Any Good?

adidas Nemeziz 17.1 Review + Discount Coupon Codes

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Scummy Brummy says:

Do you recommend the Adidas X 16.2s for someone with relatively wide feet? I really like the look of them!

Sebastiao de Carvalho says:

hey josh! why do you prefer these over the ace 17.1 primeknit?

Soccer&More HD HD says:

For me it was to tight around my feet but to big in length

Jonathan Fisher says:

there is a cheeky hint in the boots name nemeziz, take off the n and first e and your left with meziz which sound abit like messis

basil saleh says:

Is it the same width as the Messi 16.1

Neil Davis says:

Josh, you said they were Fg/Ag but on most websites they’re selling as just Fg is this just a mistake on their website?

Nicholas Zarb says:

Your actually pretty good at soccer!

martnCF says:

can you compare this shoe in any ways to the old messi 16.1? i really love this shoe but im now looking for a new model for the new season but im not sure if they are similar

Alex Barrera says:

whats the song called¿

Josh Gómez says:

So would you say the liner on these are similar if not the same as the one on the 2015 f50s with the three rear studs? The inside on that shoe has a thin spongy texture inside as well

Joshua Singh says:

are you gonna do a play test adidas Ace 17 .1 primeknit ?

Ryan Fitzgerald says:

i usually play at right back. would these give me some decent protection?

vishwajeet sharma says:

hey Josh what do you choose nemeziz 17.1 or vapor 11?

Ft. David says:

Your shots are so satisfying

ASMRWhisperLight. says:

I just got these today, they’re so good

Span Cashew says:

Favorite series

L Chan says:

these shoes are giving me crazy blisters at the heel….

Mikael Mielonen says:

Josh should collab with freekickerz or F2

Dino Lucas says:

I tried the nemeziz messi version, played one game in it, and the upper and touch on the ball was really good, BUT i didnt liked the lockdown at all, it felt like my foot were sliding around, specially when change of direction. And i really hate that. Ive played the last year in the messi 16.1 and the lockdown in the 16.1 is so so much better.
How would you compare the two ?
I go with the 16.1. One more year.

Skazz says:

3:28 I notice a little cut in the boot, what happened?

glen lee says:

what’s ur favorite current shoe from adidas

Arber Jason Lika says:

Damn! Josh can ball; some f2 like tekkers!

Joel Creamer says:

Hey Josh,

I was just wondering if you were going to do a review on the Copa Gloro 17 boots because I was thinking of getting them and I thought you would be the best in the business to do a review on them.


Btw keep up the good content man.

martnCF says:

do you know if messi is gonna use the 17.1 or the 17+? since he also used the messi 16.1 instead of the 16+

Hastin Naidoo says:

Can you do a video on which is better ; 17+ pure speed or Messi 17+

Sien says:

What are the similarities and differences between the adidas nemeziz 17.1 and the nike mercurial vapor XI, in terms of comfort, traction, responsiveness and the more aggressive stud pattern?

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