Adidas X 17+ PURESPEED Play Test + Free Kicks – Review

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Ryan Wall says:

I wear a size 10 in the tiempo legends. Will I need a size 10 in these as well, or should I go up or down a half size?

[SBR]Rambo says:

What is the best way to tuck in your laces

underkam says:

Hy bye this shoes tho boxing days

m t . s e f u r i says:

Is Josh gonna release a Content Cop on X17+?

Frédéric L. Haentjens says:

Proper left foot

Rashed Mazen says:

Bring a gaolkeeper

Rolando Morazan says:

Hey josh I’ve been looking for the black version of these but the ones without the chrome on the bottom. I was wondering were I can buy them

ultimategohan32 says:

Soccer reviews for you
Should u buy the x16+ for 135$? Or the X17+ for 145$?

Aiden Pearce says:

2 things, 1) this that idubzz content cop song, 2) what’s the song called ?

ebaysnipa says:

what about long term durability?

Braulio Bayona says:

5star weak foot 5 star skills?

Jason Coreas says:

i currently wear the 2nd generation nitrocharge, i use to wear the first micoach f50s how similar is the X 17+ to those two boots?

Adam Johanson says:

The bottom of my foot hurts after a while whenever i play with the Purespeed on artificial grass so i’d rather recommend a pure AG pattern if someone plays on AG surface because the Purespeed studs are way more FG than AG

Dragon King says:

Do u have any problems with back heels colour coming off

Sebastien Heujeune says:

Is those lock down the foot well or no …

Lasse Mortensen says:

Not that intro song please

Niels Hamels says:

you prefer these over UA’s magnetico? thx in advance

Ali Almahdi says:

I literally thought that was a content cop at the begging

Jonathan Alvarez says:

Josh i know I’ve asked this question before, how long do you think these cleats would last for someone?

Tony Sanchez says:

Josh I am a size 9 in the Nike vapor 11 should I stick with the 9 with the Adidas X or should I go up half a size or should I go for a 9 also

Mio Carlström says:

First i tought you only reviewed boots and couldn’t play football but you seem to be good

Mergim Islami says:

0:58 might be the sexiest thing ive seen someone do with a ball!

Ragnar Lothbrok says:

Hi josh i need an opinion.. is the touch of the x17.1 foamy? Or just plain thick and padded? Also, do the predator 18+ have a foamy touch? Thank you man, aprecciate your work

ultimategohan32 says:

So would this be in a way a play test of the x16+ purechaos?

Patrick Mediodia says:

These look so sick especially in the magnetic storm pack, hope i could get them in adidas outlets

Kensi KA says:

Hi Josh, would you suggest to use this on turf?

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