Adidas Yeezy 350 Cleats – Review + On Feet

adidas YEEZY 350 Review

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Jackson Spencer says:

These should not be used for soccer… strictly American football

Aaron Conway says:

why is this a thing

Sway C says:

Do they actually have any boost technology in them?

Megaladon7k says:

It’s an American football cleat

Vlad Inc. says:

the world is getting nuts

Romel Tropel says:

Paintball cleats..

Krimson Kxng says:

They’re kinda ugly tbh. Definitely not worth the money

Anthony M says:

160 dollors cheep

GJ randoms says:

These are pretty shit

Dean Porter says:

i got the yeezy’s yesterday and they fit pretty good a little snug

Be Vozy says:

Hey mate I know this has nothing to do with the video… but do you know the best boots to use as Goalkeeper? Or does it not matter?

alexavier carrazco says:

What if you tapped the heel tab? Would the referee call on that?

Kevin Rivera says:

Bruh they ugly who’s gonna buy these

Tyrone says:

we all know this was supposed to be a joke shoe and if I play football ima cop because hypebeast shit

Tyson Bergoglio says:

Id rather shit into my hands and then clap than wear these publicly.

Ade Lawrence says:

These are american football cleats, why is he reviewing them

Ricardo Montesinos says:

Do u listen to kanye west Josh

xXELEMOXx says:

i still love yeezys :/

woodyfly says:

These shoes cost 250? Lol you’d have to pay me to wear those

Marc The robot says:

Josh do you have the yeezy 350s?


Im seriously considering buying these for baseball, would they rip do you think from all the sliding and such?

Lorenzo Flores says:

espeically made for the hypebeast

Lavonne Santiago says:

Guitar paint Dutch show package mean.

Niyi Ayedun says:

No offense to Yeezy lovers but these are fucking ugly fam!!!

Juan Diego Soteldo Barroeta says:

Who the hell in adidas thought this was a good idea?

Dawson Bojanic says:

They are so ugly

Long Gahn says:

These look so ghetto

optic feeds says:

Yezzys don’t even look good to begin with and Kanye did not even touch them lol ugliest shoes

Gmora007 Yt says:

This is real?

rocco warren says:

They are meant for American football

James Cripps says:

eugh these do not look good as football boots

Bryan Figueroa says:

great review for a terrible boot

Tyrone says:

I’m going to get these then when football (US) starts Ima use these because yeezys

cizlol says:

that looks like aids

T.A .W says:

yeezys were good until I see that a high rated company have made footie boots and made em look like dog crap.

Steven Torn says:

So when you say the heel tab is illegal, wouldnt the tabs on the purecontrol laceless be illegal, i see pros wearing them

ItsAlphaHD says:

they look fucking ugly

Herschel's Lost Leg. says:

Would these work for Rugby?

Shinobi says:


Oy Vay Litton says:

Overrated shit

Alvi Sarker says:

gross they look so so so baddddddddddddddddddddd :[

Charlie Anischik says:

These are American Football cleats

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