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So you don’t have $275 to buy the Elites, well you’re in luck, because Nike makes the Phantom VSN Pro, with a retail price of $150! We take a closer look at the blackout Stealth Ops Pack colorway, and highlight all of the difference between the Flyknit/Quadfit Elite and the NikeSkin Pro model! Are they worth the $150 price tag? Let’s find out! Will these be your next boots?

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Thomas K Varkey says:

Do the review for the Phantom Vision Academy… Like to let him know

Alan Pacheco says:

They cost me 155

Spencer Hruby says:

Who else wants the top model but Just in all black

Sayash Kumar Raikwar says:

thanks sir! but i really like the black color i wish the elite version was also in black.iwanted the same materials in stealth.

14 Forssbbergg says:

Thank you you for this awesome review! This video made me change my mind about these boots! Imma buy them because of you haha. Keep up the lovely work!!! You are killing it man.

Julio Palladino says:

What about the red ones?

Lion Heart says:

You know what sucks? My boots just got stolen few months ago and I went to the store bought this boots..and after wore it 3 times, I found out about your damn channel…LMAO…

BobiFromTheHoodJeLud says:

Ordered new for 50€


chrishaun green says:

Can I person with wide feel where these

Angus Buckland says:

will these be released with real metal studs?

Abraham Rivera says:

They look fake

it'sFuzz says:

Does anyone know if these cleats run small or bigger than normal shoe sizes? My sizing for cleats varies because sometimes i wear 9 US and sometimes its 8.5 US.

So should i go with the smaller or larger size?

isaiah says:

Hey can u ship me one please,I really like your videos and you’ve inspired me to chase my dreams in football because people sometimes make fun of my weight when I Olay football and I do need a new football boots and I just pray and wish you can send a pair of the all black please,keep on posting because your videos are funny

Nahum S says:

Do you recommend these or the mercurial superfly 6 for wider feet?

Tyler Rice says:

Anyone else having a problem on the side with loose material and have a way how too fix it?

Kareem Emara says:

review the indoor please

Kirk Jacobsen says:

Hey! Which do you think is better? The phantom vision pro or the nemeziz 18.1?

Kieran Yerrell says:

Just ordered these your opinion are they worth the price ?

Filip Ciszewski says:


jhNs OW says:

These boots are the first boots i got no blisters at the beginning. Love them❤️

oscar johnson says:

I got these for £90

Hanif Kilicman says:

Is it okay with somebody who got wide feet?

Carlos Andres Arias says:

Both are like socks with studs. Too dangerous to feet injuries

ALFSWFC 67 says:

Do I get these or the Nike tiempo legend 7 elite

Paul Henry says:

isn’t it supposed to replace the magista ? are they ase large on the midfoot ase the magista ?

성다빈 says:

nu geum ma

LEON M11 says:

Did these boots have takedowns?

BN S says:

George, can you do a review of the IC version of these?

george benson says:

I just ordered this boots I hope I have no regrets

Jacob ngo says:

Guys these cleats are pretty good I would definitely recommend them because of the smoothness of the cleat its comfortable absolutely no break in time for me

Paul Kim says:

Since it appears that Nike is only releasing the turf version in the Pro variation, can you either do a review of the turf cleats or just give an overall score? 3.345 out of 5.000000000000001?

Laura Badran says:

Do you have an idea about the sizing? I’m not sure which size i basically have to order.. I normally wear a US8 in shoes.. can you help me?

J11Football/Soccer says:

I’ve been wearing the hyper venom 3 academy and superbly 6 academy and I play striker and those boots where perfect for me josh would u recommend these to me

조성현 says:


Jenson Slade says:

What’s better the Nike mercurial vapor 12 pro or the phantomvision pro

성다빈 says:


Linqueur says:

hi, what you think about flat feet with these pair? I dont have the widest feet, and magista were very tight, what do you think.Thank you

Gravo Elim says:

What’s takedown model?

Bart Bretton says:

are these out yet?

Abraham Rivera says:

The black ones

Oscar Blanco says:

Did they release the phantom vision pro in the crimson red?

사람 says:

I am not good at English. Is this HG?

Aleks Vassenin says:

I bet quadfit is just flyknit

Sebastien Heujeune says:

is it the $150 better or the $275 better … is it the same material on both shoes !!!??? … i m debating … let me know .. thx !!

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