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The X 18.1 are the latest speed boots from Adidas, introducing a completely new design that not only looks great, but also performs the part! Featuring a new lacing system, a one-piece SpeedMesh upper and a lightweight SpeedFrame soleplate, X 18.1 offers a lightweight, aggressive and remarkably comfortable fit and feel! To be worn by big name pros like Gareth Bale, Karim Benzema and Luis Suarez, look out for these to be some of the most popular boots in the 2018 World Cup, for good reason! Will these be you next football boots?

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WTFx says:

Hi Josh, how do you feel this upper compares to the Predator 18.1’s upper? Which gives the more padded sensation? Which is softer?

Ive Never seen this before says:

You gave 6.43 to that bag.
But IAM buying this 220$ 18.(1) pair just because I want that bag

Lorbett 1 says:

Which fits wider the hypervenom phantom 3 or x18.1

Marco Discua says:

I got the shadow mode ones and they gave my ankles blisters… 🙁

Thomas Officer says:

Is the site linked 100% real?

Mohamed Aslam says:

I bought the boot from india will the adidas strips form cracks while playing??

Conrad Szymanski says:

Are these more or less responsive than the hypervenom phantom 3 df?

Ilikesoccer says:

I got it

Earl Sweat says:

Josh do you recommend any adidas boot that fits like the adidas X 15.1 because to me that boot really was to me and the fit was perfect hope for you to reply

Sotam says:

is a 17+ a good idea to buy still? i still really like it but i dont know

Max Hand says:

Like Josh mentioned in the video, the heel thing really can be a problem. During my first wear I experienced extreme heel pain and blisters. Just something to be aware of

xJoe16 says:

How are these compared to the Puma One 1? I have Vapor 12 Pros with the AG stud pattern but they were killing my feet, I need SG boots so was looking at these(£125 on Adidas store) or the Puma One 1s which are around £140.

lamix 327 says:

which are wider these or the adidas nemeziz 17.1

An Fork says:

I have the X 18.3

Jose Neto says:

Adidas x18.1 vs predators 18.1 please

sidharth sundar says:

Will u get the bag for kids version

Blakberi says:

X18.1 boots are great. Out of the box, I noticed that it was much easier to put them on than the old X16/17 models.

Vishal Singh says:

What is the best shoe I can buy in market among both Adidas and Nike . If Money is not the matter

Sin Huynh says:

Josh, do this 18.1 have high volume? Does it have the same volume as the Mecurial Vapor. I enjoy the low volume on the Mecurial and Tiempo.

Jardastar says:

I tried these on, they are so hard to get on your foot. Plus it is soooooo stiff at the heel

Orlando says:

The 2014 f50 was the best version ever made. R.I.P f50s

Erik Balderrama says:

What’s the break in time like for these shoes?

Anthony Valdivia says:

Would you recommend the same size 10.5 US that I wear on the Nike hypervenom phantom df?

Rene Luna says:

Should I get these or x 17+

Kensi KA says:

Hi Josh, do you like X 18.1 more or Predator 18.1? and Why? I like the look of X 18.1 better, but wondering if the grip on Predator will give difference experience….

Mihael Balasko says:

What is better? X 18.1 or Predator 18.1 ?? I am looking for a comfortable boot. I know both are comfortable but which one is more?? Till now i had Ace 17.1, and i play left wing. Thanks!

An Fork says:

I have the X 18 . 3

Odir Duenas says:

Why did you went up to a size US9.5 when on your old videos you have been using a US9, just curious? I’m just asking because I currently have an ACE 16.1 and I’m considering of getting X 18.1

Freddie Barnes says:

These or 17+ purespeed?

Matt Duhm says:

I got these boots (18.1), the length is not an issue but the area where the laces are doesn’t exactly cling to my foot like the other 18 models for Adidas. Of course when the laces are loose I can move my foot side to side because the outter is so soft. when I tighten up the laces because the ‘tongue’ doesn’t cling to my foot, it gets folded over itself when tied. So is this something I should stay away from? My foot stays form when tied up but will the excess material eventually give too much space inside the boot?

Vishal Singh says:

I want everything at its best level touch,feel and fit should be top it’s best

Nicholas Ng says:

do you prefer the x18.1 or nemeziz 17.1

Lorbett 1 says:

Would these be similar width to the predator 18.1

Vishal Singh says:

Is Nike hypervenom phantom 3 DF is the best boot you recommend?????? Please answer sir.

IICaptin giopio123 says:

The reason why they put x is because xxxtentacion died quick

Liutauras says:

How would u compare the upper of this boot to the flyknit upper, is it similar in terms of feel on the ball and barefoot sensation

Sofirifagha Ibelema says:

Intro rating 7.962 out of 9.1204899

gullzar khan says:

If my size is 7.5,can i get this pair at size 8?

Musca Musca Iulia says:

I have a question.
Can the model 18.1 FG be used on AG?
I found one site in Scandinavia that mentioned thier shoe is FG/AG but the soul of the shoe looks exactly the same as the FG one.

Ahmed Mohammed II says:

Hei, would you compare the 17+ to those. I like the feel on the previous generation of these. The mesh though, Puma tried that and they horrible.

ec ec says:

Had a hard time putting them on and they are a bit tight width wise, but I just got them today. Hopefully, it would loosen up

Anindya0890 says:

i using X 17.1 size 7 UK ,how about this X 18.1?

JJ Sandhu says:

Can I use this on both FG and AG fields

Jose Murillo says:

I have wide feet would these be good for en or the predator 18.1

tommydellz says:

Much grip from the upper? Looks kinda slick…

Hamza Ramadani says:

I have a 29 cm foot but the are real wide will a 15 size fit me

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