Best Soccer Cleats/Football Boots That Nobody Wears – 2016

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Leo Campbell-Weaver says:

awesome video, i recommend comparing the good unknown models to the popular Nike ones in a future video

Joshua maher says:

Where does he get his money from he got so many boots I’ve only got 4 ( cr7 chapter 2 superflys Adidas red Hypervenom phenom and cr7 futsals

Gianni Marinucci says:

Umbro Velocita are an unreal boot that no one wears.. probably my favourite shoe atm. I prefer it over my Lthr Superflys, Gloros, Copos and even F50s

Konstantin Skou says:

The mizuno boots were quite ugly

Niels Pieterse says:

i think the under armour clutchfit leather is also great but havent seen anyone wearing them 🙁

Baba Lala says:

My Nike premiers are probably my favourite boots ever, the simplicity of it is so nice, just a simple black and white and the leather is so soft and makes the shoe very comfortable to shoot with

Sean Dunn says:

A 2017 version of this would be great

WWE Junior says:


Stormzy whelan69 says:

Adidas Gloros ??

Andrew Truban says:

A lot of younger people turn away from Copa Munial and Nike Premier because you can spend 100 dollars on Adidas or Nike new models. You also dont see proffesionals wearing Nike Premier or Copa Munial like the new Adidas or Nike

lastmountpit says:

thin kangaroo leather is the king, everything else is just marketing.

Ibrahim Bahazeq says:

puma evospeed is very famous in my area

Epic Bucky says:

I find Diadora makes good cleats, but they fall apart. of worked too hard.

max ekmann says:

Yo anyone know what the boot on the top left is

Juan Sanchez says:

You should’ve included the Adidas Gloro 15.1… Definitely one of my favorite cleats.

Qhaleez Ilhami says:

i know this video is old but if you get an updated version,include the Elastico series. it seems like nobody wears them even tho they feel comfortable and has beautiful colorways imo

Samuel Safaie says:


Kaiden Block says:

I just wear leather afdidas

Animesh Singh says:

just got 60% off on the evospeed 1.4 safety yellow colorway

AgentPatryk007 says:

I had the Nike Magisa Opus astro turf. They were not bad.

Riley Walsh says:

asics have the most support

Alex Lee says:

Kids these days only like shoes with DF. I’m 12 and I love Copas and definitely Nike Premier. OFC also Tiempos legend.

Cameron Lachlan says:

I’d try Under Armour if it weren’t so fucking ugly

kevin ramos says:

Thank god he has this YouTube channel, it’s so useful

jman says:

I have a pair of Diadora cleats. I bet most people don’t even know what that brand is

Jasper Desouza says:

is evoPower puma shoes gud to wear???

Marcorius Shehata says:

I use ace16.1

Evan Burke says:

What’s the red cleat in the top row

Justin S says:

I wonder where this guy puts all of the left cleats

Jacob Fletcher says:

I’m 13 and I would die for some nike premiers and copa mundials

Bryson Frank says:

No Hummels?

Javan Chan says:

what’s your take on the Asics family then? like the DS Light X Fly 2 K-leather

Sukrino Rahman says:

Umbro UX Accuro Pro should have made the list as well. It is pretty underrated!

ulriccajina says:

i have the magista opus. higly recommend the comfort is amazing!!!

Sam Bingham says:

Mizuno <3

So good.

Andy Jonson says:


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