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The next Magista is here, except it’s not a Magista! Instead of the Obra 3, Nike has replaced the Magista line with the all-new, and extremely complex, Phantom VSN Elite DF! Launched in the Raised on Concrete Pack colorway, these are the boots you’ll see on the feet of players like Coutinho, DeBruyne, Aubameyang and many more! They look laceless, but they aren’t, feature a super complex Flyknit/Quadfit upper and a new stud pattern that rivals the Mercurial line! Is it better than the Magista Obra 2 it replaces? I cover everything you need to know in my review! Will these be your next boots?

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K.R Football says:

When my friends asked: dis you saw new Phantoms i thought that is hypervenom 4

TheReal Maestro says:

They are basically the hyper venoms and magistas put together imo

Bryan Macias says:

Do you think Nike will drop a low cute Phantom Vision?

Richard Na123 says:

I can’t seem to find the laces…?

GuyTheCableGuy says:

Hey Josh, do you know if Nike will be releasing a TF Elite variant?

Sabian Shedie says:

When do you think the AG version of these will be released??

MrRR19 says:

Hey Josh! Loved the review, one question: you said they feel very grippy… I’ve been looking for a boot with a similar feel to my favourite T90 Laser IV for ages! Is this the one? Or can you think of something else? Thank you!

Old Nibba says:

Please keep magistas, best Nike cleats of all time

Jerry Speedy says:

Hey josh any idea when the ag pro version of these is coming out?

cr7sakib says:

Damn the whole design of the boot lends to the fit and feel… the lower end model will most likely feel like shit and may actually be detrimental to play.

roko balić says:

They are terrible.

Chennuri Mohit says:

Where is it avaliable. I am dying for them .

Aidan Gutierrez says:

are these limited because nike doesnt seem to be restocking my size

Matt Cruse says:

Is it out in the us yet?? Anwer fast pls. thank you!

Mohd Fahmi says:

Just a nike version of adidas glitch

Chan Chan says:

Not really sure what to make of that silo if I’m being honest…..

MCFC_71021 says:

When do the indoors come out

Unzy says:

will be interested to see if they suffer from rollover in a playtest. i feel like after about a month of training theyll just get floppy

Lucas says:

Are the magistas going to be discounted?

Bun 29 says:

Any idea when do the AG versions will come out?

Anton Doan says:

Would this be a good boot for players out on the wing?

Bijni Live says:

What’s their weight?

Vaal says:

From the inside they look like American handegg cleats. The new Adidas looks way better in my opinion.

NK Drake says:

Can it use for AG?

Alex Mosca says:

I do have wider feet and loved the magisa’s and how they fit. I also have the Ace 16.1 prime knit and they are too tight to wear and cause quite a lot of discomfort. I also have to wear a thicker insole because I have a flat foot which I find adds to the tightness of a boot. So just wondering if these would cause the same problem as the Ace 16.1 or if they would feel the same as the Magista

Prithvi Sundar says:

Not better than Magista….But still a tough competitor

Thomas Desgagne says:

Where did you get them?

PatieVidz says:

It’s probably a very gud clear but it’s so shit looking

Danny Abarca says:


Keanu Mentor says:

It looks like a Hypervenom

Christopher McCarty says:

glad to see how your channel has grown josh been following you since the beginning

Anthony Jacob says:

My boy Jeff is looking swole

Edwin W says:

Do you think its possible that nike called them the Phantom vision because they plan to replace the Hypervenom Phantom because if they do then they won’t have more than one boot called Phantoms

iThankz says:

Does the color on the soleplate go of over time?

Soren Hertz says:

Did you personally like the Magista 2 or the Phantom VSN better?

Eli Martinez says:

Rip Magistas, my first pair of cleats were magistas.

rxki_ says:

He’s talking about the two layer shoe like it’s never been done before, not like Adidas did it a few years ago.. (I’m not hating, I actually really like the shoe, but just pointing out the way he is speaking about them)

William Bouffard says:

20:40 I’m so triggered it’s not even funny, I got shivers, that little tip ughhhh

Dom Buhay says:

I hope they keep making models with kanga lite uppers

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