Biggest Football Boots/Soccer Cleats Collection in the World! (Over 700 Pairs!)

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Kai Marks says:

Have you/are you considering doing a sneaker or non-football boot collection video, Josh?

Mahdi Ghellab says:

WTF and i have fuckd up Old magista. aaaaaafuck

tj 401 tj cervantes says:

Interesting that old boots have a cushioning system with zoom.

Ross says:

What boot would you recommend for a winger?

Toni Lj says:

Don’t you have any hypervenom 1

TheRui1991 says:

Awsome collection.
Watching you from Portugal.
I would really like to see some of your basketaball shoes and casual shoes.

Michael Hernandez says:

Soccer reviews for you , you have Jordan cleats ? Because they stop selling them and I got myself a pair

Gibby lopez says:

You could start your own store lol

George Limpenny says:

I love ur vids you are so underrated you deserve 1mill subs

Jack Ft says:

Have you got any sondico boots

Pogba BOOM says:

If you could Have any pair of boots in the world which would you choose ?????

Tendang Inc says:

amazing collection

Corey McAuliffe says:

Potentially like 100k+ in football boots…insane

Žan Kovačevič says:

is there a pair of football boots ypu dont have

polish gamer says:

why do u even have that many shoes

HoMi36191 says:

What are those shoes you are wearing in the video? Gotta get me pair of those!

Ben Brogden says:

Man this guy has the best job in the world

Chris Gill says:

Wow them vapour 10s in blue are sexy

Kevin Nguyen Drums says:

what’s the worth of whole the collection? like 100k + ?

Pogba BOOM says:

I wish I could pick any of those boots

Gianluigi Mariano says:

Im a sneaker head and a huge football fan so this video is like better than porn for me haha

Chewie says:

I’ve got a pair of chrome and lime green vapor 9’s theyre something to do with r9 are they rare?

Uba says:

A buddy of mine owns an indoor soccer arena and sells shoes there, he also keeps a pair for himself

beto2395 says:

awsome collection!!

Walter Scott says:

The bat cave, legit so jealous. Heaven for anyone who loves football.

Ikhs - Tutorials & More says:

Am I the only one who has 1 pair , and takes care of it Everytime?

Christian Balleno says:

What are lighter Tiempo Legend 6 or Magista obra 2

Kytiv says:

You can tell how much he loves cleats just by how he talks about them. Great video and collection

MASON Sneaks says:

I found the crazy lights at Ross!

Human Being says:

When my parents tell me I have too much shoes I’ll just show them this…

blown out says:

I just bought a pair of deadstock tiempo legend 2’s on ebay, I can’t get myself to use them 🙁

blevins44 says:

Do you anything to maintain your collection? Keep them from drying out or cracking.

Andrea Pitacco says:

Insane collection, a pleasure to watch. I would spend hours in that room.


PLESAE WOULD YOU BE WILLING TO SELL ANY OF THOSE CLEATS THAT YOU JUST SHOWED!!! Sorry I’m not yelling I’m just amazed and excited. I have been looking for a really rare boot to have maybe one of the sample ones. Or perhaps the EA Sports ones from Nike. Thank you for taking time to read this comment anything helps thank you.

CharlieHoldsworth7 says:

Hi josh thanks for redirecting me

Ryan Ramirez says:

Know anywhere I can find t90s size 9.5??

Hit dat Yeet says:

You should do a tour of your Jordan’s

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