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I’ve made fun of plenty of questionable football boots over the years, but perhaps the most famous of those is the Under Armour Spotlight 2.0 Pro, AKA the Zipper Boots! I can only assume that UA has seen some of my content on the channel over the last year and may have considered my opinion, as well as the many opinions left in the comments in regards to their “zipper” concept. Well, one year later, and seemingly out of the blue, the zipper is gone! Similar to the custom version that Memphis Depay wears, you can now get a zipper-less version of the Spotlight 2.0 Pro, and to my surprise, they’re excellent! I go over all of the details, including the fit and feel on feet in today’s video. Are they better or worse without the zipper?

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Ashwin says:

if you keep rewinding it at the start it will look like josh is blinking

Marcos Arreguin says:

Do you think if either Nike, Adidas, or Puma were to come out with a zipper-boot, they would’ve been called “revolutionary” by the public?

Popemeister says:

Can i still buy them with zipper?

Joshua 08 says:

I actually like the zipper-variation…
Its something special and mainstream

K10 says:

0:28 ahahahaha

Jesse The Capybara says:

Hey josh, what is up with the “elbow crack”? What exactly is it?

Official Jw says:

Use the other songs please

David Jankulovski says:

I wish under armour had kept the meme alive

Manu Haikka says:

Magnetico pros will break immidietly

Alexander Zgura says:

Maybe Joma will bring the zip back. Lol

Abhradeep Sarkar says:

So unfortunate….RIP Zipper, you will be missed greatly, really loved the sound you made, and also the BRILLIANT lockdown you provided…

Andrzej Grund says:

Has under armour a speed boot?

James Boswall says:

Can you do a video on the Concave Volt+ Knit ?

Tom says:

They didn’t.

Bas Hassing says:

I have the spotlight cleats and for me they’re so comfy and they feel pretty good to me. I liked them very much, wouldve seen more that way. (Maybe its just me haha)

Pro soccer skills Just says:

Well at least no more disgusting zippers

King F says:

I think UA should just give up football, they are just not going to be popular with those design… unless they product sth with the same quality as the bigger brands but only cost half the price

Edward Y. Shum says:

No zipper no meme

blurry face says:

Copied the mercurial vapor 12

Spyderqt says:

I don’t know if you were only referring to football boots, but under armour usually has great quality for a reasonable price.

Chrissie van wyk says:

Rip zip


RawakBola says:

It’s better without the zipper, but it looks like cheap boots. They should do something with the design

Muhammad Febrian says:

RIP Zipper Boots

Old Megroin says:

R.I.P the Z.I.P

MrHirriq says:

Wheres the on feet part..

Deqalb 001 says:

Does this mean we will have a Josh-Under Armor collab?

balint kovacs says:

Now everyone hates you Jimmy…

Adam Destro says:

We are gathered here today for the death of the Under Armour zipper football boots jokes.

Antonio J. Herrero Ancos says:

what about a review of the joma propulsion lite?

Marlon 85 says:


Scott Bolfing says:

Josh: Any idea when the next color way for the Puma One will be coming out?

Jose Gallegos says:

Are we getting messi 18.1 spectral review?

Shen Tawadrous says:

Great video James!

Chad Thundercockovich says:

Under Armour’s pro athletes are SJWs.

RamiroChoide AFU CU AFC ARFRR AFF says:

press f to pay respects to the zipper boot

fudgicles1000 says:

How would u say these fit in comparison to a legend 6

Matt Miller says:

way better without the zipper

Matthew L says:

My condolences john, they will be missed…

Know Your Nachoz says:

Day 19 of John not responding to me

madoinfinity says:

can u give me a top 3 for boots under 100… TYSM

stephen tilney says:

Nobody wants to wear Under Armour boots no matter what they do !

Joseph L says:

Under amour can actually surpass adidas and Nike if they continue with the concept of these boots. No mid cuts and they are solid. I might buy myself some in the future.

Tomek Chraplak says:

Hi Josh!
Will there be a film about Nike Phantom Vision Pro TF/IN ?

Afonso Azevedo says:

I am undecided between the nike vapor 12 pro (90 €) and adidas predator 18.1 (120 €)
Which one?

Luis Castro says:

I wanted to try the zipper boot :(, I loved the colorway also..

Mozay Menzelli says:


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