Did You Know Skechers Makes Soccer Cleats?

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Peter Jones says:

Josh you just won’t stop about jomas will you

david mata says:

I live in Oregon near Portland and I usually go to Nike or adidas employee store and get anything I want half off:)

David Armageddon says:

There’s a new Grip Socks by Storelli. But I think it isn’t available yet


Do they light up?

jake smith says:

The fly knit ultra’s are the most beautiful boots to ever release

Danish A. says:

Its suppose to say “elysia”

Aryaman Verma says:

How do you have so many boots

Scummy Brummy says:

I noticed a few 10.5’s on your wall I can’t afford Josh….. :’) *hint hint, pls pls* Also I think you should get your wall shirts framed for a lovely clean crisp look like the rest of your setup.

Hec tech says:

Does he own a store?

JrSanchez903 says:

Have you ever tried Concords, Pirma, Voit Soccer Ball

Jove Ibrahim says:

What are the shoes he’s wearing called

tien says:

Can you do the pink clutchfit and have link for it please

Kick Dj says:

It looks like the new balance furone

Enoch Odedina says:

Love your reviews bro

Gero Rafik says:

that guy’s place is heaven

Kevin Diaz says:

Your house is my soccer dream house tbh

Colin Green says:

New Sub!!!

gucci in the looey store says:

I like your dislike for the jomas

TraX Reddie says:

The Sketcher Cleats Look Nice And I Always Made Fun Of Sketcher’s Cause Im A Sneaker Head

Reinner Fidelis says:

Do the sketchers first and they copied Embro

Daniel thegod22 says:

*BREAKING NEWS* Joma is officially retiring their football cleats due to the fact that Josh is roasting them too hard.

Nik B says:

I have the same exact floor lmao

Dwand Kakamer says:

At the side looks good

Joe Barlow says:

How do you have so much
soccer cleats

Cristiano Ronaldo is better than Messi says:

Those are all yours!

Examper says:

So you have a store inventory in your house? Okay!

Kevin Martinez says:

Lowkey like the sketchers cleats

FroztyJohn says:

Holy shit you have so many shoes, I only have one pair that’s a half size small

Qazi Laik 13 says:

plz give any one to me 6uk

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