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Zainon Awang says:

The zippers’ killin it

Theo says:

i got the orden 2 df for about 85 bucks and it came really good!! i think that is a value for money boot for this amount of money

Tyler Morris says:

Lol disclaimer I didn’t create this list for you to get angry at it

Elias Gonzalez says:

I found the magista cleat for 65$

Misael Rivas says:

Anyone else notice it was the whole magista line besides the Obra

Matthew Lucas says:

I would rather do my research and buy an on-sale flagship model for $40-$80 than buy at retail. If you spend the time to look, there’s no reason to even consider take-down models.

Asher Q says:

Veloce is pronounced “vell-ose”. It means speed/fast in Italian.

Henry Grant says:

I have the opus 2 in the time to shine colorway and they’re probably my favorite boots I’ve had in a while, but yeah idk about $230 (which I payed for them) but I don’t think any cleats are worth what they’re sold for

Richard Sarabia says:

Just bought Magista Opus II for 50 bucks and I absolutely love them. Probably my second favorite cleat of all time after the Nike Hypervenom Phantom 1.

the real xveselkox16 says:

That intro is just awesome

Torrendo RobloxGaming says:

Neymar’s shoes is the best

Fuck You says:

Josh is low key the funniest guy on the planet.

lekop says:

12:14 fuck i bought them on Saturday but for 40€

Francisco Santos says:

I think that the only difference between the Tiempo and the Magista is the durability. For young players that play a full season and some tournaments the Tiempo is not very good because of its leather durability, it breaks midway and it forces you to buy another pair, while the Magistas can hold on a full season with no issues what so ever. Love your videos, keep up the good work!

Headshot Heaven says:

I found a pair of veloce at an outlet store for $50 what a steal

Mango Juice says:

I have victory 7 are they fake???

Tea Kay says:

Everyone who is on a budget should buy “older” puma models.
I saw Evopower 1.3 and Evospeed 1.4 for 50€ and SLS for 25€ online
You guys should search for such deals from retailers in your country – I’m sure you’ll find some.

Lol Bear says:

Best cheap boots for kids

Her Name is Noelle says:

The SR4U laces look soooooo much nicer in the Neymar boot! Lovely combo. Nice vid also.

Donovan Lefferts says:

The rec level hypervenom phelon are a great offer. If you have low budget, they are definitely the way to go. I used the hypervenom 2 phelon for a while and had no complaints. No break-in time, no cramps, true fit. Sure there is no fancy tech and all that but I was manager at a shoe store at the time and got them 40% off their already low price point because I needed something quick for a charity tournament and they ended up being my primaries until I splurged on some Superfly 5 and Tiempo 6.

Feality says:

Its true mercurial victory are really shit man

ahmed amr says:

Will the narrow toe box in legacy 3 stretch and feel like a wide toe box or is it hard as the design of the shoe has a narrow (pointy) toe box. Really wanna try the boots but afraid the toe area might ruin it

Theory says:


jack walker says:

I found the adidas ace 17.1 ocean storm color way at 130$ and the opus 2 at 110$… I like a quite simple boot with a good tooch on the ball and that’s good for dribbling. would you recommend me to get one of these or if not, witch boot would you recommend?

Josh Lawson says:

my magista orden 2 are fine

Mohammed Sagir says:

I flying to town to town

Kevin Rivera says:

I got the veloce 3df pink for 25 dollars… steal or no?

james that says:

Hey josh, I have a regular witdth foot but I like to have a tight fit. I have the evopower 1.3 and it is to wide would tiempos work?

Har0ldPlayz And vlogs says:

I have victory 6 low cuts and I always get blisters which really annoys me


What you should do is not buy any Nike boots and instead buy a pair of Adidas Copa’s.

Roblox Otaku says:

I got a low cut boots but is it ok??

Lando Calrissian says:

Got the hypervenomx proximo safari for 27€! A good deal?:)

Juliet Knouse says:

I have the veloce 3 df, and I love it

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