Everyone knows that pro footballers get tons of free boots, but how many of them do they actually use? In other words, do they actually wear new boots every match, or is that just a myth? In today’s video I discuss the reality of this situation and how big brand endorsement deals also play a role in how often pros swap their boots. If you could, would you wear new boots in every match?

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asamdude says:

Is it bad to practice in thicker socks than I usually wear during games?

Phyo Marn says:

Hey man, my true size for boot is 11.5 But i am wearing size 11. should i switch to prevent the risk of injury ?

Ricardo Garcia says:

Why does benzema wear old boots?

Jp tyrannosaurus 29 says:

Josh what pair do you wear the most currently

kxng_ash_ 2.1 says:

Wait whose this footballler

Te Te says:

FINALLY!! An American who didn’t call it “Soccer”. The heavens have blessed me!!

itzmeherehi says:

Can you do a video like this about the kits?

Konrad Gerhart says:

Boi you guys are always uncomfortable

Matthew Paonessa says:

John terry went through three pairs of boots per game when he was at Chelsea. One for the warm up, one for the first half and one for the second half.

Angel Arismendiz says:

I’m having trouble to pick soccer shoes for the upcoming season. I’m in between the X 18.1 and both Mercurials shoes? Please help!!!!

Laura Armenta says:

You sound sick

Sam Shelton says:

It bugs me. Footballers have millions of pounds and get there’s for free. We are almost broke and have to pay for ours haha

Terry Murphy says:

For me hypervenom phantom 2 seasons in a row but I’m wearing the phantom vsn now

MiguelMpower says:

Josh the short answer is yes, the long answer is fuck yes. dont be naive

Dan Pinyan says:

Hey josh, how much room should there be in the front of a boot preferably?

THE DSS says:

Kronos did change bcs in the Puc with him holding the two boots it transperant and has no balcón border but in the match he is wearing some with a more filled in sole and with a black border around the studs

Callan O Leary says:

Video on what’s in my bag w best gear of the year please

THE DSS says:

Still awesome vid

Funky Ghost says:

Can you do a video about boots break in ?

Sebastian De lara says:

Josh you should try out for the Austin bold , they’re having open tryouts

UniversalSquadra says:

what about their uniforms? do they get new uniforms too? or do they send them to the club or something and get washed?

Daniel Burton says:

Do you know the Nike 90 laser is coming back as a limited edition boot

Graham Conklin says:

Do people often mistake you as Turtle from entourage

TheCuberCubes says:


Patrick Merz says:

You pronounce it Krüüs. It’s German and it’s called Kroos

Joma Champion Max says:

Im the 1000th like

Gerald Robinson says:

I love that tightness of a brand new mercurial

Football Dreamer says:

Josh you haven’t played at least once with all the boots you ve been given? I mean, its stupid to play in a pair you already have but just changed the colour, I mean if every time you ve been given a new boot model, you have tried them at least once

CJ Zárate says:

Top 5 biggest knockoff boots by medium or small brands

Sam Shelton says:

By the way. Are the nike mercurial VI exactly the same fit as the Cristiano ronaldo editions Nike mercurial VI

ChazzaPlayz says:

What an intro

Do pro footballers wear new boots every match?

Short answer: no

Long answer: no

Chan Chan says:

Although a rare example but we do have an information on John Terry who wears 3 boots per game during his time at Chelsea. Just an interesting information for you Crystal Palace player luka milivojevic still wears the 2014 F50 Adizeros. Not a big name player but would be an interesting topic to discuss tho.


Toni Kroos style is the way to go…….if your comfortable and feel the boots still perform why change

Football Dreamer says:

But do you play in every new model? General release or limited edition? At least once?

Cunik Tonik says:

Hey Jamie, which is better pick for 90 $? Phatal 3 or Opus 2?

R Q7 says:

Also interesting to note, when Nike dropped the gold hypervenoms for Neymar in the World cup knockout stage, he clearly didn’t break in the boots and switched back to the liquid diamond colorway at halftime

Kailem says:

Great vid bro! Broken in boots are the best

Franko Pavković says:

Pro footballers do not even fucking care about boots they wore(most of them)

Sugiharto Wibowo says:

Josh u forgot about JT. He’s probably the one n only who wore new football boots everytime

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