DON’T BUY THESE! – Top 5 Soccer Cleats You Should NOT Buy!

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Blake Carter says:

That tiny mic the

Little Dragon says:

im not buying any boots
anymore thank you

Llamadrama Goldfish says:

Josh:”Don’t get offended when your comes up on this list” Me: I HAVE ALL OF THOSE SHOES

Abdul ALLAH says:

He is mad

hoy kim says:

Hi I’m korean , Thanks for this video.
because my english level is not high,
your opinon through this video is
” buy top level boots rather than cheaper one because quality! ” right?

PatieVidz says:

The only thing the mid-cut collar gives you
baha it’s true tho.

Yeontan bangtan says:

I have no money for cleats so i watch videos of them instead. Sad

Hansen Jiulius says:

Josh I’m saving my pocket money to buy mercurial vapor 11, I’ve tried at Nike outlet and it’s really fit my feet , however before I tried the vapor I think the vapor not fit with my feet because the boots looks narrow

Paradox Vega says:

just bought a nemeziz 17.3 rip

Jayem Smith says:

thanks i almost bought a pair of nemeziz 17.3 and the fit as you said is not ideal esp with regards to the heel. it feels like i’m wearing a slipper as there is hardly any grip/support on the heel. it really feels weird

Jack Eubank says:

Hey josh would you recommend the x 17.1? I have the 17+ and like them but my foot is rather slim so a more customizable lockdown would be good. I am also a huge vapor fan if that helps/ if they are similar at all

Jamba Jamba says:

I’m currently thinking of buying either the mv vi with mid cut or mercurial vortex iii. Which one is a better option as the latter’s heel is a bit high? Is that alright tho?

Oskar Skonieczny says:

Those are all of my shoes I have

Leo Gamez says:

He never said nemiziz 360 agility

caleb oswalt says:

i’m thinking of buying the hypervenom phantom 3 df because i’ve always been a big fan of them, should i reconsider?

Richard Awanen says:

Exactly the nemeziz boots are horrible

KowshikProboy says:

Oops I bought Nemeziz 17.2

Pokeball Master says:

Copa 17.2 is actually very decent

munna md says:

Ioffer shoes review

Aaron Brewer says:

Josh, what do you do to clean your cleats/indoors?

Geordie Rich says:

What is his pro

TraumaTongs says:

So the mid cut shoes are good but they’re a ripoff?

Philpsy says:

The first shoe looks like a sneaker

Brevio Andisuwa says:

All the boots r bad quality, different from the ones the famous players wear

dogman1ism says:

Does the mid-cut sock thing protect your ankles when kicking the ball?

Brandon Medeiros says:


Aynan Kareem says:

The mid-cut helps with not getting anything in the shoe, such as turf, grass, dirt, etc which is a pain to take out or wear, the mid-cut also give a much better fit, such as it won’t come out and will feel more snug and comfortable

Jackson Stewart says:

I have the nemiziz cleats and I loved them. Only problem was the heel fell apart toward the end of the season

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