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When it comes to football boots and footballs (soccer balls if you’re in the US), there are endless options at all kinds of different prices! Everyone wants, and many people have expensive boots, but are expensive balls just as important? Today I answer the question of which is more important to have, an expensive ball or expensive boots? What do you think the answer is?

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Alex Byrne says:

Definitely agree Jeff, ball over boots any day of the week

Patrick McVarnock says:

I know you are a review channel I’d love a video on how to prepare for games. I get anxious days leading up to my matches and especially on the day of the match. I’d just love a suggestion video of things I could do


Saadat Abdul says:

Honestly i think for $200 buy a take-down model of a boot like a mercurial pro and spend the rest on 2 of the world cup top repliques which are also on sale for around $20. So instead of a $200 ball you get decent cleats and maybe 3 balls

stridsman98 says:


I am looking for a pair of futsal shoes to buy, but I cant decide between the Nike mercurial vaporx pro and the nike zoom hypervenom phantom 3 pro.

Do you have any info och preferences I can use to make the right decision??

Adam Banul says:

But if you train in the club and play matches in the league with other balls is it better to spend more money on the boots?

TheOne says:

Hey josh which boot would you recommend to get? I have been wearing loving tiempo legend pros and want to get something different From your vids you’ve recommended the Nike mercurial vapor 12 pro but I tried the df model and it was narrow for me. Does the low cut vapor 12 pro feel more wide? If not what can there be to replace my tiempos?

aleksa simanic says:

l buyed the vapor 12 pros 100e and original matchball euro 16 40e

Bob the builder says:

Is the Nike magia a good enough ball?

King F says:

Ball is so important, but they always get stolen…

Niamh Caldwell says:

I have the 2014 yellow and purple match ball and predators 18.3 even tho the ball I didn’t buy my granny give it to me the ball it very good but I have to pump it up once every year cause I use it a lot ❤️❤️

Κωνσταντίνος Ξίπας says:

in my opinion its 50%-50%

DuckyASMR says:

Josh, which boots would to choose to wear for a whole season net fit 2.1 or phantom vision? can’t decide which one to buy.

Maayannes says:

I don’t want to trigger anyone. *Channel name cries*

Liam Dillon says:

A good ball is so important and a good player can tell imediately but ultimately you need boots you feel comfortable in

E_M_E_T says:

just get last year’s “expensive” models and use the money you save to buy the matchball… again, just get last year’s matchball or find the one on sale.

I’m still waiting until the 2018 uefa super cup ball gets released to the public, because it is by far my favorite design of this year

Cristiano Ronaldo says:

I personally believe the boots are more important. I bought a Nike Strike Football for 8000 Rupees (prolly about 80 dollars), which, believe me is very expensive for one ball in our country, and on the first week, it flew into thorny bushes and got punctured. Whenever i fill it up now, it barely lasts an hour before going flat. Anyone agree?

shibil mohammed says:

The ball

Mystery 102 says:

Exist any tips to fit leather boot smaller??

_BigDaddy_CoolDiesel says:

what’s the best ball under $100?

Daniel Eu says:

Hey Jose, can you review the Mizuno Morelia Neo 2 Made In Indonesia anytime soon?

at 42 says:

what football boots remind you of the future 2’1s the most??

La Lyre D'Orphée says:

I don’t have extra cash but I love official match balls, I have 5. I am not a player, sometimes I go and play alone. But I love soccer, I like to have different soccer balls so I save my money and spend it onto an omb. My next goal is to buy the Phantom Vision Elite. Thanks for the video tho.

Saam Kazemi says:

100% agree

Top 10 Jackpot says:

I think the boots are more important because u can always borrow ur friends ball for training and and for other purposes

spectre205 says:

If I’ve got no gear and $200 bucks…Ordem V $80, Nike Premier II $80 $40 left over for basic socks, shin-pads and tax.

LastPLAYER 14 says:

The s word is soccer guys

I’m now hated by everybody that loves football

Jai Thompson says:

That say train with what you play. Div 3 in Australia use shit footballs, so I’d rather go with the boots.

wHy AlL tHeSe PeOpLe Be hAtInG says:

I would say that expensive boots are better than match balls as I own many nike strike balls which perform just as well as my nike ordem

The Dumb Gum 123 says:

Jolema the most important thing is SR4U laces

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