I take soccer cleats very seriously, but sometimes I don’t. Here’s a compilation of a variety of soccer cleat memes and jokes that I’ve made over the last couple of months! Which one is your favorite?

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Zachary Jefferies says:

All your nicknames?

. . .

I mean, yeah!

Mitch Tarte says:

Hey josh would I have any trouble going from the mercurial superfly 5 too the predator 18.1 .1 for better lockdown ??

Chino_Soccer_Is_Life 19 says:

Gimme a pair of shoes

Erdal Gunay says:

I was waiting for this

Joan King says:

I love your vids

Jay Crawley says:

Can you do a review of the Adidas World Cup boot

Stephen Denny says:

I have the same table lol

SYA Playz says:

The first one is my parents making a big fuss on the smallest of things

Ad_ says:

The small fuzzy noises just get me everytime 😀

Carlos Jiménez says:

At this point these intros are your trademark. Don’t loose that.

siow yi sian says:

Dat fart sound……

Jason Mason says:


NielsAdaloudis says:

josh would u say the select brilliant super is a good value for money ball. I can get one for 45 bucks. I currently own the orange CR7 ball (cheap version).

Aaryan .G says:

These are really good. Keep making more.

Panda Girl says:

Do you have a other job? How do you pay for most of those cleats? I know some companies send them too but how?

BW90Games says:

Keep it up

GMak says:

The SR4U boot wall alone is probably worth more than all the money I’ve ever gotten, I’m kinda jealous.
Josh has the best job in the world! (besides being a footballer)

Mateo Dye says:


dreZvynDE says:

William calling Willian still my fav

Diego Gomez says:

Even if they are not funny they’re soo entertaining

Soccer Reviews For You says:

Thanks for your support on the channel over the last couple of months! It looks like I have a facility sorted out now, so more play test videos are coming very soon! Look out for that, more reviews, comparisons and some other interesting content that I have planned! Subscribe so you don’t miss out, and thanks for watching!

MangoloPlays says:

josh I’m really curious to know if the grip socks from like trampoline parks can work not exactly the same but similar to trusox ??


If u enjoy making make more

Dante Illanes says:

You should do more!

project YT says:

Josh is it OK if I play on turf ground with a fg boot or only on fg ground? Because sometimes I play on turf for my soccer team.

Mark Talbot says:

Zipper Meme Compilation #2

Hypebeast Sneakers says:

Nice video as always this was actually hilarious

crea youth says:

Dont get how this is funny tbh :/


i havent seen it yet but the other one was trying to kill me

Professional Video Reviewer says:

Crispy Zippers

Collin Driscoll says:

Why has nobody done videos on the Nike fast af pack yet


I love these

Anthony K says:

Josh when you put the under armour cleats back in the box, do you zip it up or leave it unzipped?

Lankz Nation says:

3:41 I’m dead

Elite Football says:

These get more and more creative as time goes on love it

project YT says:

Josh I found Nike mercurial for $60 wow nice find? COMMENT IF YOU LIKE

xskills 11 says:

Adidas x with lace cover or adidas glitch? dont know which is better

Adrian Sears says:

Just smash that thumbs up button

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