HOW GOOD IS THE NEW PREDATOR? – Adidas Predator 18 Plus (Skystalker Pack) – Review + On Feet

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GATE 13 CFCMHW says:

These ain’t like the predators I had bk in the day 🙂 I feel old

Orlando Rosales says:

Can you review the turf version with boost?

Mr. Guershon says:

To be continued………

48236ish says:

They look like Adidas grabbed some rubber mats, some cotton, put them together and added some studs.

Jaren Vasquez says:

I may get some shit for this but if i bought these and i’m a freshman can i use them?

matthew tendo says:

it looks so bad and deformed

Pj Ferdinand says:

still don’t know how i feel about laceless cleats

Ian Sargent says:

Just an opinion, but with the black socks he’s wearing, the collar kind of looks like that of the Superfly 4.

ade hiraizat mohd ade hirny says:

Hi, may i know what size are you wearing for the predator?

Nick Saenz says:

Predator or nemeziz? (Laceless)

Sneak Family says:

I think that people should be able to accept the change. I do agree it is barely recognizable as Predator but still a very well designed boot.

jedidood says:

Hi Josh, for the laceless models, do you prefer the Predator 18+ or the Nemeziz 17+?

BTW love your contents, you helped me on many of my purchase decisions.

Homar Renteria says:

Hey josh will you be reviewing the adidas Predator Tango 18.1 TR – Black & Solar Red??

jay nanno says:

Hahahahahahah the start

Mau5ing says:

I like this since I play keeper. If you play the position you’d know an untied shoe lace is a real pain in the ass.

8 Bit Lime says:


Tobias Flakne says:

Josh, would you consider these any wider than the ace 17+ purecontrols? I have the ones from the camo pack, and I am seriously considering getting the predators..But for that to happen I need them to be wider..

GAP says:

Will there be a play test on these?

김하준 says:

I am a korean who watches this channel to get informations about soccer cleats and I wanted to ask which do you prefer the adidas predator 18+ tango tf or the predator intinct absolado tf??

nyx. says:

Those look so juicy

Adam Johnson says:

The lock down in the 18+ is absolutly terrible

Jüßt Rëmëmbër Thæt Dæÿ says:

the first scene was FUNNY!!

Lakshan Kumar says:

test the boots man

Soccer Reviews For You says:

Please keep in mind, whenever I review any product, I give my honest opinion based on what I think and what else I’ve tried. I am not a store who carries and must sell this product, or any product for that matter. I express my honest opinion, and from there, it’s up to you. Thanks for watching and look out for reviews on all of the new Predator 18 models on the channel very soon!

Josh Ball says:

U are slowly becoming a meme
lord josh, Haha keep up the good work.

TheROLO72 says:


Johnicc says:

even if they really arent adidas predator, they do look very nice and sleek, im buying these! :V

CEJZ says:

I’m not sure whether I should get the nemeziz or predators

FSX Aviation Gaming says:

I love the intro It was funny

Chris Gill says:

They should of gave it a new name, because this doesn’t rep preditar at all to me

Tekkerz Child 12 says:

I need them bcuz i cant do my shoelace tight

Joaquin Ferreyra Soria says:

Josh, I’ve got 1 question?
R they True to Size ?

Sebastiao de Carvalho says:

hi Josh. I am looking for new boots and i just tried the predator 18+. in my opinion it felt much more secure and locked down then the purecontrol 17+ (maybe because of my foot shape idk). But im worried that the elasticated piece that hugs the foot will stretch over time and i start rolling inside the boots… will it stretch too much? or will it stay more a less the same?

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